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Ugly bride dressed in white. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ugly bride dressed in white. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

be dressed in white 32
Meaning of the dream: joy

see a person dressed in white 77
Description: You re lucky in the affairs of this period

ghost dressed in white 7
Interpretation of the dream: good luck

man dressed in white 63
Translation: high hopes

dress up as a bride 61
Dream description: displeasure

take a fancy to bride 75

wreathe bride 75

church with bride and groom 54

find a rich and beautiful bride 61
Sense of the dream: death of the father or mother

to get dressed 40
What does it mean: you underestimate

doll dressed 53
Meaning of the dream: new knowledge

dressed man 27
Description: News coming soon

dressed as a monk 39
Interpretation of the dream: inner rebellion

dressed as a priest 8
Translation: melancholy passing

salad dressed 90

fall asleep dressed 49
Meaning: passion paid

widow dressed in mourning 1
Translation of the dream: loss of a friend

military dressed in plain clothes 73
Interpretation: interesting letter

ugly 77
Sense of the dream: process lost

ugly baby 31
What does it mean: restlessness


ugly weather 16
Meaning of the dream: imprudence dangerous

landscape ugly 88
Description: ingratitude of friends

ugly object 41
Interpretation of the dream: surprises with money

ugly character 88
Translation: discontent passengers

ugly house 90
Dream description: danger of intrigue

church ugly 24
Meaning: setbacks that hinder

ugly building 71
Translation of the dream: good business

ugly woman 50
Interpretation: uncertain situation

female ugly 18
Sense of the dream: jealousies and threads

ugly girl 44
What does it mean: embarrassment of choice

Ugly Witch 50
Meaning of the dream: whims passengers

ugly man 9
Description: Reports uncertain

ugly face 72
Interpretation of the dream: lack of sensitivity

ugly appearance 31

make ugly 49

ugly whore 76

see ugly and deformed ankles 22
Translation of the dream: futile trip

ugly little mare that runs around the house 25
Interpretation: marry a bad woman

White 10
Sense of the dream: purity, sensitivity of mind

white dress 20
What does it mean: joys and desires

white bathrobe 17
Meaning of the dream: sorrows of love

White vinegar 13
Description: decay

white towel 80
Interpretation of the dream: favorable circumstances

white mustache 90
Translation: economic prosperity

White flag 2
Dream description: painful surprise

White beard 42
Meaning: precision work

white attire 11
Translation of the dream: circumstances of fortune

white wall 30
Interpretation: sudden changes