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Turtle upside down. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream turtle upside down. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

turtle 78
Meaning of the dream: success in work

turtle dead 8
Description: obstinacy and malice

turtle bracelet 64
Interpretation of the dream: love match

turtle pipe 50
Translation: long period of opposition

rimmed glasses turtle 82
Dream description: prospects happy

upside down 60
Meaning: egocentrism exaggerated

sea ​​turtle 36
Translation of the dream: economic security

see the turtle 12
Interpretation: lack of prudence

eat the turtle 85
Sense of the dream: earned success

top box turtle 84
What does it mean: serene thoughts

range of turtle 67
Meaning of the dream: maturation of projects

hatching turtle 80
Description: windfall gains

69 - Smorfia classic: upside down 69

tortoiseshell button 6
Translation: You have patience

puzzle over 41
Dream description: private life difficult

take head 48
Meaning: violent incidents

wrap your head 36
Translation of the dream: needs of relatives

rinse your head 3
Interpretation: novelty

shave her head 3
Sense of the dream: sad loss

turn his head 1
What does it mean: confidences to avoid

flour the head 44
Meaning of the dream: sorrows

raise up your head 8
Description: great activities

smash your head 27
Interpretation of the dream: exuberant mentality

cover her head 8
Translation: happy news

raise your head 7
Dream description: stubbornness

lay your head 30
Meaning: need for waivers

lower your head 36
Translation of the dream: fickle love

sever a head 36
Interpretation: decisions contrasted

bow your head 65
Sense of the dream: unpleasant encounter

kick in the head 83
What does it mean: evil intentions of neighbors

X-rays to the head 40
Meaning of the dream: personal achievements

contusion to the head 69
Description: wrath

being cut off his head on the scaffold 77
Interpretation of the dream: perfect tranquility, as opposed to bankers and merchants

giraffe bends his head 14
Translation: good luck

beer bottle to the head 13
Dream description: fears that you can not hold back

cut off the head to duck 12
Meaning: satisfaction pleasure honor

lightning falls on his own head or home 1
Translation of the dream: loss of property, injuries

Wolf have the head of this animal 60
Interpretation: power and honor

wound on the head 83
Sense of the dream: travel and changes

blow on the head 2
What does it mean: overwork

head 36
Meaning of the dream: fear of the judgment of an influential person or of a superior

tiara on his head 15
Description: lack of reflection

clubbed on the head 36
Interpretation of the dream: material well-being

crow on his head 3
Translation: fallacious illusions

have garland on his head 88
Dream description: malicious slander

bring tiara on his head 40
Meaning: romantic disappointment

eye growing on head 36
Translation of the dream: You lose sight

put a turban on his head 18
Interpretation: novelty providential

hot head 18
Sense of the dream: unforeseen expenses

white head 21
What does it mean: good health

head herd 27
Meaning of the dream: new forces

helmsman head 17
Description: unjust slander