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Turning on a plane. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream turning on a plane. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

turning on a plane 78
Meaning of the dream: sudden discovery

get up on plane 8
Description: new hope

down a plane 37
Interpretation of the dream: need to have more freedom

bombard a plane 15
Translation: indirect benefits

sleep on the plane 8
Dream description: waste of money

be on a straight path and plane 19
Meaning: joy, prosperity and success

Starting plane 16
Translation of the dream: legitimate aspirations

plane high 70
Interpretation: good friendships

hostess in plane 56
Sense of the dream: you have to talk at all costs

guiding plane 42
What does it mean: repentance

reserve a seat on the plane 60
Meaning of the dream: good organization

maneuver plane 77
Description: short term success

turning roast 34
Interpretation of the dream: anxieties and penis

turning a mattress 45
Translation: health concerns

hangar with plane 71
Dream description: strong will

arrival of a plane 8
Meaning: you ll ruin with your own hands

see plane 65
Translation of the dream: good health

leafy plane 47
Interpretation: confident expectation

Democrat plane 28
Sense of the dream: limited needs

jump from the plane 26
What does it mean: great misfortune and sadness

propeller plane 27
Meaning of the dream: Earnings neighbors

plan of a city 76
Description: journey to make

Arriving by plane 33
Interpretation of the dream: novelty good

tourists by plane 35
Translation: rapid solution

plan of a house 9
Dream description: coming changes

Man in plane 2
Meaning: excellent directives

hear a plan 26
Translation of the dream: Happy Marriage

plane crash 66
Interpretation: new aspirations

draw a plan 81
Sense of the dream: confidentiality and prudence

conceive a plan 18
What does it mean: energy reflexive

turn on a heater 9
Meaning of the dream: embarrassing situation

Colonel plane 80
Description: get rid of a burden

thwart a plan 20
Interpretation of the dream: good intelligence

turn on stove 24
Translation: serenity and optimism

make a plan 62
Dream description: restlessness and dissatisfaction

murmur plan 51
Meaning: to work hard

falling from a plane 63
Translation of the dream: opportunity to be seized immediately

sing plan 66
Interpretation: serenity and confidence

road plan 36
Sense of the dream: good health

project plan 32
What does it mean: ties in danger

turn on the gas 11
Meaning of the dream: secret pain

laurel plan 72
Description: victory and pleasures

turn on a machine 70
Interpretation of the dream: It looks like you're on the right track

hijacked plane 17
Translation: pride punished

plane grapeshot 71
Dream description: boredom and loneliness

plane disaster 81
Meaning: squabbles interest

see themselves on board an airplane 19
Translation of the dream: news will come to you from far away

bomb plane 73
Interpretation: confidence in their own possibilities

turn on clothes 29
Sense of the dream: gossip of neighbors

flat 19
What does it mean: cheerfulness and good business

start driving in a car or plane 73
Meaning of the dream: You miss an important appointment