Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

turn a page

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: turn a page

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36 turn a page
relationships very important

2 page
quiet days

73 book page
quiet days

8 newspaper page
News coming soon

26 scrapbook page
to clarify misunderstandings

54 music page
that appearances are deceiving

15 blank page
firm intentions

84 tear the page
truth misrepresented

38 fold a page
secret relationship

30 numbered page
emotional sensitivity

2 turn over
opposition in family

55 turn right
constructive work

30 turn
your life will undergo a change

11 turn on the gas
secret pain

68 turn brazier
need advice

19 turn off brazier
poorly controlled reactions between friends

9 turn on a heater
embarrassing situation

29 turn it to the chimney
consistency in decisions

26 turn off matches
sacrifices to deal

24 turn on stove
serenity and optimism

25 turn the omelette
mild illness

88 turn off the lamp
hopes dashed

73 turn lumen

30 turn on the radio
emotional unrest

48 turn off the radio
promises interesting

24 turn our gaze
bad intentions

32 turn a dress
confidentiality and prudence

15 turn a coat
difficult relationships

27 turn the hay
brisk business

21 turn the straw
talk out of envy

84 turn pockets
small fortune

80 turn warmer
good emotional relationships

31 turn off a fire
good health

57 turn off a lamp
expectations disappointed

12 turn left
secret fears

31 turn white
malicious gossip

63 turn on the TV
emotional sensitivity

45 turn off the television
compromising relationship

79 turn off a brand
waiting period

44 make the turn
Decision and security

45 turn a money to other
emotional hardships

35 turn your back
programs to be reviewed immediately

1 turn his head
confidences to avoid

88 turn your eyes
dangerous inner insecurity

40 turn tear on your face
looking for love

34 turn off the heat of the earth with water
great joy and jubilation

26 nocturnal animal
concerns passing

33 collar turned up
accuracy in doing the job

60 Archbishop who turns his back
various dangers

5 heater turned on
disagreements passengers

19 overturned cart
physical weakness

76 returning home at dusk
minor glitches

57 Devil turned into man
danger passed

23 convertible overturned
next misery

56 turned on carbons
beware of enemies

1 overturned columns
sign of illness next

24 celebrate a return
messy love life

49 locomotive overturned
generosity is not appreciated

34 turning roast
anxieties and penis

26 chandelier with lights turned on
emotions unjustified

56 jar overturned
risky business to avoid

18 pageboy
bad habits

33 pageboy holding her train

5 pageboy hairstyle
impatience and jealousy

80 overturn a cauldron
health hazard

16 return at homeland

4 overturn the pot
chatter and gossip

23 pages
wealth and fortune

10 see or eat turnips
hopes ill-founded

13 registered mail with return receipt
grave slander