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Turn a page. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream turn a page. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

turn a page 36
Meaning of the dream: relationships very important

page 2
Description: quiet days

book page 73
Interpretation of the dream: quiet days

newspaper page 8
Translation: News coming soon

scrapbook page 26
Dream description: to clarify misunderstandings

music page 54
Meaning: that appearances are deceiving

blank page 15
Translation of the dream: firm intentions

tear the page 84
Interpretation: truth misrepresented

fold a page 38
Sense of the dream: secret relationship

numbered page 30
What does it mean: emotional sensitivity

chief page 50

notebook page 17

written page 59

page torn 43

turn over 2
Dream description: opposition in family

turn right 55
Meaning: constructive work

turn 30
Translation of the dream: your life will undergo a change

turn on the gas 11
Interpretation: secret pain

turn brazier 68
Sense of the dream: need advice

turn off brazier 19
What does it mean: poorly controlled reactions between friends

turn on a heater 9
Meaning of the dream: embarrassing situation

turn it to the chimney 29
Description: consistency in decisions

turn off matches 26
Interpretation of the dream: sacrifices to deal

turn on stove 24
Translation: serenity and optimism

turn the omelette 25
Dream description: mild illness

turn off the lamp 88
Meaning: hopes dashed

turn lumen 73
Translation of the dream: joyfulness

turn on the radio 30
Interpretation: emotional unrest

turn off the radio 48
Sense of the dream: promises interesting

turn our gaze 24
What does it mean: bad intentions

turn a dress 32
Meaning of the dream: confidentiality and prudence

turn a coat 15
Description: difficult relationships

turn the hay 27
Interpretation of the dream: brisk business

turn the straw 21
Translation: talk out of envy

turn pockets 84
Dream description: small fortune

turn warmer 80
Meaning: good emotional relationships

turn off a fire 31
Translation of the dream: good health

turn off a lamp 57
Interpretation: expectations disappointed

turn left 12
Sense of the dream: secret fears

turn white 31
What does it mean: malicious gossip

turn on the TV 63
Meaning of the dream: emotional sensitivity

turn off the television 45
Description: compromising relationship

turn off a brand 79
Interpretation of the dream: waiting period

make the turn 44
Translation: Decision and security

turn a money to other 45
Dream description: emotional hardships

turn your back 35
Meaning: programs to be reviewed immediately

turn his head 1
Translation of the dream: confidences to avoid

turn your eyes 88
Interpretation: dangerous inner insecurity

turn matches 43

turn on clothes 29

turn on the light 42

turn on a machine 70

turn it on fire 70

turn in the countryside 4

Turn carriage 62

turn in his underwear 7

turn to hospital 58

turn in pajamas 75

turn to florence 49

turn to milan 26

turn to rome 28

turn the street 77

turn to turin 37

turn road 40

flame turn 88

match turn 19

match turn it off 89

turn to bologna 45

turn to napoli 55

turn tear on your face 40
What does it mean: looking for love

turn off the heat of the earth with water 34
Meaning of the dream: great joy and jubilation

nocturnal animal 26
Description: concerns passing

collar turned up 33
Interpretation of the dream: accuracy in doing the job

Archbishop who turns his back 60
Translation: various dangers

heater turned on 5
Dream description: disagreements passengers

overturned cart 19
Meaning: physical weakness

returning home at dusk 76
Translation of the dream: minor glitches

Devil turned into man 57
Interpretation: danger passed