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Tumor arm friend. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tumor arm Friend. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

have the tumor 40
Meaning of the dream: You think of not being able to get what you want

cancer 54
Description: healthcare long

arm 73
Interpretation of the dream: friendship and loyalty

cramp arm 20
Translation: unscrupulous actions

amputate an arm 63
Dream description: sacrifice for children

artificial arm 84
Meaning: serious problems to be solved

arm in a sling 45
Translation of the dream: imprudence in speaking

dislocated arm 3
Interpretation: sunset of an ideal

affected arm 26
Sense of the dream: friendships to lose

broken arm 4
What does it mean: contradictions

burned arm 50
Meaning of the dream: hopes dashed

disrupt an arm 37
Description: commitments to meet

combustion arm 44
Interpretation of the dream: wrong actions departing

true friend 76
Translation: small problems

injury to an arm 64
Dream description: slander and malice

wrap an arm 40
Meaning: union unstable

smash arm 37
Translation of the dream: momentary elation

wounded in the arm 26
Interpretation: soon you lose powerful friends, that so far you have been faithful

stand to an arm 13
Sense of the dream: doubts and uncertainties

tattoo your arm 20
What does it mean: you believe someone is making fun of you

false friend 67
Meaning of the dream: support to be given to an elderly

stabbed in the arm 11
Description: sorrow for a child

lack of an arm 2
Interpretation of the dream: abandonment of the father or marital home

contusion in the arm 80
Translation: timid character

haughty friend 21
Dream description: lucky shot

lovable friend 40
Meaning: obstinacy dangerous

Friend angry 10
Translation of the dream: speculation guess

friend arrested 27
Interpretation: persecution of enemies

good friend 12
Sense of the dream: arrogance of employees

wounded friend 7
What does it mean: boredom and loneliness

interested friend 59
Meaning of the dream: sudden rise

Remove bandage to an arm 44
Description: physical weakness

friend drowned 33
Interpretation of the dream: Discussions with relatives

wound on the arm 65
Translation: temporary irritation

loving friend 15
Dream description: benefits from people close

give the arm 7
Meaning: new proposals favorable

injuring friend 44
Translation of the dream: actions confusing

friend traitor 80
Interpretation: depth of judgment

bad friend 6
Sense of the dream: You are able to bail you out

bachelor friend 19
What does it mean: unrealistic ideas

insult friend 30
Meaning of the dream: lively insight

pray friend 66
Description: consolations and joys

take the arm 71
Interpretation of the dream: future plans

accuse a friend 7
Translation: nervousness

unhappy friend 42
Dream description: ability to analyze deep

declare friend 67
Meaning: desire for revenge

tattoo on right arm 49
Translation of the dream: accuracy in solving the problem

duped friend 75
Interpretation: rivalry nearby

faithful friend 79
Sense of the dream: charm immediately

friend 19
What does it mean: litigation and disagreements

generous friend 35
Meaning of the dream: ingratitude of relatives