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Tsunami catastrophe. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream tsunami catastrophe. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

carnage and catastrophe 1
Meaning of the dream: aviation, disease

survive a catastrophe 3
Description: Your optimism will help you

seaquake 85
Interpretation of the dream: friendships short

disaster 38
Translation: sorrows passengers

watch a disaster 18
Dream description: narrow escape

disaster automotive 70
Meaning: sorrows passengers

rail disaster 17
Translation of the dream: serious danger in sight

disaster at work 25
Interpretation: quarrels dangerous

maritime disaster 65
Sense of the dream: jealousy and disturbances

disaster road 63
What does it mean: problems passengers

plane disaster 81
Meaning of the dream: squabbles interest

cause a disaster 6
Description: serious concerns

military disaster 81
Interpretation of the dream: painful alternatives

avoid disaster 17
Translation: illusions to forget

commercial disaster 11
Dream description: opposition of relatives

natural disaster 69
Meaning: negotiations dangerous

the victim of a disaster 74
Translation of the dream: career advancement

railway disaster 14
Interpretation: confidence misplaced

cataclysm 90
Sense of the dream: great great novelty

flask of oil 68
What does it mean: praiseworthy quality

crash landing 2
Meaning of the dream: possible trip

horror to an accident 20
Description: restlessness

devastation 49
Interpretation of the dream: Luckily the game

plane crash 66
Translation: new aspirations

ancient ruin 11
Dream description: way out in dangerous situations

consternation to a collapse 20
Meaning: compromising relationship

horror for a disaster 40
Translation of the dream: errors to be repaired

Abbess in the monastery 68
Interpretation: quiet life

lowering of the river 81
Sense of the dream: impairment

child's dress 3
What does it mean: impromptu

camp by the sea 37
Meaning of the dream: inner joys

bite of hunger 16
Description: quarrels

adultery of man 59
Interpretation of the dream: discontent passengers

meeting of general 48
Translation: deserved punishment

airplane gliding 45
Dream description: Good news

airplane bombing 42
Meaning: reversals of fortune

look out from the wagon 38
Translation of the dream: precautions

agenda 32
Interpretation: opposition in family

agony of man 11
Sense of the dream: good omen

wings hat 17
What does it mean: heartbreak

wings army 47
Meaning of the dream: litigation

lacing of the general 77
Description: rivalry

lacing of diplomat 5
Interpretation of the dream: intrigue hidden

sunrise with the moon 23
Translation: fortune

sunrise with the stars 64
Dream description: need for greater reflection

ensign of the regiment 43
Meaning: small miseries

away from the spouse 73
Translation of the dream: indifference sentimental

away from danger 21
Interpretation: Excessive pedantry

away from the doctor 25
Sense of the dream: unnecessary controversy

away from the game 18
What does it mean: instability of mood

riverbed of river 45
Meaning of the dream: compromised by accepting

get up off the ground 38
Description: inconsistency in work

lover of singing 83
Interpretation of the dream: success in work

football lover 29
Translation: ingratitude of friends

lover of the theater 47
Dream description: concentration and profits

still above water 22
Meaning: certainty in action