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Trunk as a weapon. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream trunk as a weapon. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

weapon 63
Meaning of the dream: deceit and treachery of friends, even illness

use weapon 77
Description: wrongdoing

trunk 52
Interpretation of the dream: upcoming trip or even loss to the game

assault with a weapon 5
Translation: chatter dangerous

hang a weapon 13
Dream description: good friendship

cutting weapon 31
Meaning: hassles passengers

noble weapon 88
Translation of the dream: money matters well under way

ancient weapon 16
Interpretation: gossip of neighbors

sharp weapon 1
Sense of the dream: strong division

stab someone with a weapon 18
What does it mean: economic difficulties and meetings unwelcome

threatening with a weapon 76
Meaning of the dream: imprudence with consequences

weapon of war 44
Description: restlessness unjustified

use musket (weapon) against someone 66
Interpretation of the dream: bad hope

weapon room 63
Translation: serene balance

shoot weapon 45
Dream description: malicious gossip

cocoon of weapon 68
Meaning: little constancy in work

sheath with weapon 52
Translation of the dream: lively imagination

marring weapon 63
Interpretation: realizations difficult

trunk or bonnet 14
Sense of the dream: upcoming trip or even loss to the game

deposit trunk 32
What does it mean: chimeras dangerous

lose a trunk 42
Meaning of the dream: exaltation of love

send trunk 19
Description: difficulties in business

receive a trunk 20
Interpretation of the dream: mischievous reasoning

trunk stolen 72
Translation: excessive imprudence

trunk with linen 61
Dream description: furtive meetings

plate of a trunk 48
Meaning: order and responsibility

sever a trunk 10
Translation of the dream: hard work

tree trunk 85
Interpretation: inner conflicts

trunk split 64
Sense of the dream: problems to be solved

railway trunk 2
What does it mean: good energy

trunk of the road 3
Meaning of the dream: desires achievable

trunk with money 26
Description: happy hours and relaxing

canvas trunk 47
Interpretation of the dream: make sure your future

trunk Silver 29
Translation: optimism and serenity

trunk of gold 77
Dream description: annoyances and obstacles

livery trunk 79
Meaning: serious disagreements

elephant's trunk 67
Translation of the dream: sexual desires

weapon on a coat of arms 24
Interpretation: travel plans

Lily noblest weapon 33
Sense of the dream: non-resistance

buy weapons 44
What does it mean: anger

They face with weapons 45
Meaning of the dream: slander

arsenal of weapons 6
Description: guarantee for the future

destroy weapons 25
Interpretation of the dream: luck

travel with weapons 35
Translation: take a wife

handling of weapons 68
Dream description: lawsuit

collection of weapons 44
Meaning: pride and pride

guard weapons 10
Translation of the dream: difficult situations

pack weapons 41
Interpretation: need distension