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Truck scratched. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream truck scratched. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

truck abandoned 11
Meaning of the dream: calm character

truck or van 18
Description: responsibilities and work

drive a truck 36
Interpretation of the dream: solution of a problem

a truck loaded 18
Translation: devoted friendship

truck with police 39
Dream description: great novelty and fortune

military truck 9
Meaning: fighting spirit positive

Truck investment 80
Translation of the dream: serious altercations in family

rise in truck 68
Interpretation: depth of judgment

scratched hemp 58
Sense of the dream: do not let induce chatter

truck brigade 48
What does it mean: weakness of character

being run over by a truck 72
Meaning of the dream: decline of physical energy

scratched in his sleep 23
Description: possessiveness

tow truck 80
Interpretation of the dream: resentment and disagreements

scratched hands 14
Translation: guilt trip

scratched eyes 90
Dream description: energy dispersive

scratched face 73
Meaning: waivers necessary

scratched legs 61
Translation of the dream: waivers unnecessary

truck driver 35
Interpretation: success in business

scratched his feet 81
Sense of the dream: problems with family

propelled trucks 32
What does it mean: you lost some important occasions

scratched arms 17
Meaning of the dream: fear of deceit

articulated trucks 11
Description: you are slow in making a decision

scratched his chest 68
Interpretation of the dream: aggression dangerous

trucks that invests 35
Translation: You have joy

trucks with wounded 58
Dream description: prosperity in family

trucks with soldiers 40
Meaning: Danger averted

being bitten or scratched by cats 25
Translation of the dream: you will fall into the wrong hands

wagon load 21
Interpretation: strong-willed spirit

by artist trucks 27
Sense of the dream: good relationships with friends and family

wagon with wine 46
What does it mean: waste of money

firefighters on the fire engine 78
Meaning of the dream: ambitious desires

streaky 14
Description: challenging tasks

striped 26
Interpretation of the dream: novelty

broken record 41
Translation: you are not of strong character

striped notebook 50
Dream description: concerns about an elderly person

buy the streaky 42
Meaning: lack of objectivity

ruled paper 83
Translation of the dream: considered action

streaky in box 36
Interpretation: challenging tasks

flannel striped 76
Sense of the dream: contentment to good friendships and good relations

scratch 88
What does it mean: arrival of guests

scratching behind 90
Meaning of the dream: vain search

scratching dog 36
Description: ardor and exuberance

scratching ear 39
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation with a joint

fire truck 32
Translation: responsibilities rejected

scratching legs 41
Dream description: doubts tormenting

scratch his face 8
Meaning: momentary annoyances

scratching the body 87
Translation of the dream: dissatisfaction and insecurity

scratching the itch 73
Interpretation: happy choice

scratch his back 25
Sense of the dream: trouble with co-workers

scratch his nose 8
What does it mean: wishes

scrape or scratch 24
Meaning of the dream: slander that can lead to serious consequences

gondola 17
Description: Upcoming trip

trunk Silver 29
Interpretation of the dream: optimism and serenity

new gondola 56
Translation: hidden enemies

scratching their hand 74
Dream description: infirmity

trunk split 64
Meaning: problems to be solved

gondola empty 21
Translation of the dream: inner resources