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Trembling or electric railcar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream trembling or electric railcar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

trembling or electric railcar 11
Meaning of the dream: a fast victory over your work

railcar 58

tooth trembling 14
Interpretation of the dream: uncertain situation

trembling hands 18
Translation: selfish concerns

trembling of limbs 13
Dream description: success

electric battery 75
Meaning: dangers averted

electric coil 60
Translation of the dream: minor setbacks

electric bell 60
Interpretation: opposition to their views

electric cord 42
Sense of the dream: work proposals

electric kitchen 29
What does it mean: slow but sure change

electric current 29
Meaning of the dream: dynamism

electric railway 49
Description: good social relations

electric cooker 51
Interpretation of the dream: excitement from curb

electric light 39
Translation: vitality and enthusiasm

electric machine 38
Dream description: thwarted love

electric clock 29
Meaning: positive thoughts

electric shaver 13
Translation of the dream: need for greater prudence

Electric discharge 71
Interpretation: breaking agreements

electric spark 45
Sense of the dream: intense activity

electric shock 31
What does it mean: novelty pleased

electric chair 59
Meaning of the dream: interesting proposals

electric heater 48
Description: physical improvement

electric drill 59
Interpretation of the dream: danger of loneliness

electric train 80
Translation: new sympathies

electric appliance 83

electric scalpel 65

electric candle 79

electric candlestick 10

electric guitar 5

lumen electric 71

electric towel 40

electric motor 73

electric welding 34

Valve electric light 74
Translation: impressionability

electric coffee maker 45

electricity bill 62
Meaning: lack of money

Electrical cabinet 29
Translation of the dream: increase vitality

electricity meter 71
Interpretation: good health

electrical contact 66
Sense of the dream: Friends exploiters

electricity 62
What does it mean: dynamism and novelty

electrocardiogram 13
Meaning of the dream: health being improved

electrical wire 1
Description: confusion between dream and reality

electrical resistance 9
Interpretation of the dream: New Adventures

electrically heated 39
Translation: melancholy passing

tremble 1
Dream description: you feel at the mercy of a problem

tremble with fear 30
Meaning: concerns and regrets

electronic brain 13

electrical conduit 23

electrocuted by current 22

electricity generator 7

hydroelectric 85

electrical system 74

electrical engineer 49

electrify 58

electromagnet 13

electrochemistry 15

electrode 38

electrolysis 27

electrology 72

electrometer 39

electron 49

electronics 80

electrostatic 60

electrical engineering 58

electrotherapy 20

electrocute 70

electronic oven 24

photoelectric 68

electronics store 8