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Trees in a circle. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream trees in a circle. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see trees 12
Meaning of the dream: good health

felling of trees 15
Description: slander

alignment of trees 63
Interpretation of the dream: delays in correspondence

burn trees 48
Translation: business crashing

draw trees 70
Dream description: exuberant sociability

save around the trees 49
Meaning: fake friends

row of trees 7
Translation of the dream: good chance

elm trees 15
Interpretation: enthusiasm exaggerated

plant trees 1
Sense of the dream: fighting strength

see many plane trees 34
What does it mean: common sense

prune trees 67
Meaning of the dream: lively intelligence and brilliant

Oak trees 15
Description: enthusiasm

clearing with trees 86
Interpretation of the dream: Pleasant surprise

fencing with trees 11
Translation: fruitful activity

cut trees 80
Dream description: bad luck

pit of trees 23

impale trees 67

bake trees 76

planting of trees 17

twining trees 22

planting olive trees 42
Meaning of the dream: positive solution of a deal

planting fruit trees 51
Description: good work

fit under the plane trees 68
Interpretation of the dream: safety and physical well-being

see candles, branches or trees of fire 87
Translation: war, infertility, accident

circle 80
Dream description: excellent prospects

iron circle 48
Meaning: rivalry in love

wooden circle 17
Translation of the dream: protection and aid

metal circle 36
Interpretation: envy

golden circle 16
Sense of the dream: false mirages

silver circle 31
What does it mean: waivers painful

copper circle 46
Meaning of the dream: good health

circle of aluminum 76
Description: intrigue hidden

circle of the barrel 70
Interpretation of the dream: Effective collaboration

play with the circle 9
Translation: lack of courage

draw a circle 51
Dream description: possibility to exploit

circle of nobles 38
Meaning: benefits from the profession

circle of students 61
Translation of the dream: lasting joys

circle of literati 12
Interpretation: desire for independence

Circle popular 29
Sense of the dream: great ideas

circle of game 58
What does it mean: squabbles interest

circle of hunting 88
Meaning of the dream: lucky trip

part of a circle 17
Description: new friends

be expelled from the circle 3
Interpretation of the dream: compromising friendships

Circle barrel 3

circle basins 86

circle vats 34

bronze circle 41

broken circle 66

zinc circle 19

bright circle 26

perfect circle 81

artistic circle 64

Catholic circle 38

literary circle 15

widen the circle of acquaintances 51
Dream description: new openings in the labor

tree 65
Meaning: long trips and pleasant, new company

flowering tree 73
Translation of the dream: waste of money

tree with fruits 34
Interpretation: fortune

dry tree 70
Sense of the dream: strange friendships

cut tree 32
What does it mean: persecution as a friend

uprooted tree 80
Meaning of the dream: Family disputes

fallen tree 31
Description: quarrels love

tree tall stem 15
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm exaggerated

green tree 49
Translation: enthusiasms durable

leafy tree 3
Dream description: advantageous changes

leafless tree 66
Meaning: deception

crooked tree 58
Translation of the dream: enmities

tree with birds 16
Interpretation: failure of projects

small tree 64
Sense of the dream: economic difficulties

tree yellowed 30
What does it mean: sudden loss

Christmas tree 49
Meaning of the dream: joys home

tree burning 35
Description: waste of money

stay in the shade of a tree 23
Interpretation of the dream: sudden aid

climb the tree 90
Translation: New appointments

cut a tree 83
Dream description: dispersion of forces

olive tree 11
Meaning: remarkable accomplishments

peach tree 36
Translation of the dream: contrariness

Apple tree 20
Interpretation: cheerfulness

plum tree 8
Sense of the dream: visits like

tree nuts 17
What does it mean: contentment for money

fig tree 57
Meaning of the dream: travel