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Transparent glass coffin. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream transparent glass coffin. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

something transparent 30
Meaning of the dream: themes that your reputation is compromised

empty coffin 31
Description: lack of enthusiasm

overturned coffin 50
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous follies

be in a coffin 13
Translation: pleasant change

coffin in church 16
Dream description: privileges conquered

carry the coffin 6
Meaning: misunderstanding in the family

coffin with the dead 17
Translation of the dream: dangerous changes

corpse in the coffin 66
Interpretation: ties that melt

white coffin 42
Sense of the dream: healthcare long

coffin in the cemetery 90
What does it mean: confidences dangerous

coffin 4
Meaning of the dream: womb

pray coffin of a relative 4
Description: deep pain that will determine a change of conduct

He died in the coffin 4
Interpretation of the dream: family sorrows

torch near a coffin 2
Translation: sad events

glass inkwell 90
Dream description: dispersive activities

glass bowl 51
Meaning: passing pleasures

glass lid 65
Translation of the dream: skill and cunning

glass plate 16
Interpretation: your tranquility should be treated because it could vanish at any moment

saltshaker glass 55
Sense of the dream: verbosity and gossip

glass tarnishing 18
What does it mean: prosperity in your business

piece of glass 13
Meaning of the dream: ephemeral goods

glass innerliner 21
Description: doubts and anxieties

open casket 24
Interpretation of the dream: Backed by a friendly face

glass jar 11
Translation: exaggerated enthusiasm

glass box 32
Dream description: secret relations

glass shard 27
Meaning: good buys

glass pitcher 75
Translation of the dream: little understanding

glass bottle 67
Interpretation: indecision and insecurity

glass object 26
Sense of the dream: obstacles overcome

glass shelf 18
What does it mean: miscalculations

glass button 84
Meaning of the dream: prodigality eccentric

glass tube 81
Description: travel and trips

Glass Handle 34
Interpretation of the dream: you're underestimating yourself

closed casket 41
Translation: contrasts with a young

crystal glass 44
Dream description: dislikes unjustified

close casket 30
Meaning: important decision

bara Flow 11
Translation of the dream: waste of money

buy a casket 14
Interpretation: impulsiveness and nervousness

paint on glass 38
Sense of the dream: unwillingness

break a glass 81
What does it mean: danger of scams

clean glass 18
Meaning of the dream: attitudes safe

blown glass 17
Description: change to design

colored glass 44
Interpretation of the dream: great imagination

glass or glasses 44
Translation: honesty transparency

glass window 4
Dream description: troubling events

bell jar 84
Meaning: ability of persuasion

threaten with glass 54
Translation of the dream: temporary obstruction

painted glass 65
Interpretation: memories of the past

glass stopper 32
Sense of the dream: nervousness and impulsiveness

nail down a casket 2
What does it mean: relationships with others to grow

Murano glass 44
Meaning of the dream: opportunities curtailed

opaque glass 88
Description: infatuation of short duration

goblet of glass 55
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationship