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Trampling of tulips. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream trampling of tulips. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

bunch of tulips 7
Meaning of the dream: projects that fail

yellow tulips 73
Description: fortune

watering tulips 55
Interpretation of the dream: prospects for improvement

cultivating tulips 4
Translation: rupture of relations

trampling of children 47
Dream description: reconciliation family

trampling of women 18
Meaning: past pleasures

seize tulips 37
Translation of the dream: negotiations uncertain

buy tulips 25
Interpretation: quiet life

red tulips 59
Sense of the dream: requited love

white tulips 44
What does it mean: small difficulty

give tulips 38
Meaning of the dream: emotional satisfaction

tulips 6
Description: negotiations uncertain

tulips underground 45
Interpretation of the dream: great activities

Tulips in Vase 31
Translation: excessive ambition

trampling of men 39
Dream description: unexpected benefit

receive gift tulips 40
Meaning: loyalty in friendships

trampling of animals 4
Translation of the dream: affliction secret

trampling of soldiers 37
Interpretation: next fight

trampling of horses 31
Sense of the dream: hopes that come true

trampling of military 12
What does it mean: fellowship among friends

trampling people 34
Meaning of the dream: threatening disease

trample insects 81
Description: lost objects

trample grass 40
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

trample snake 17
Translation: friendships insecure

seize tulip 6
Dream description: you'll have a beautiful wife

trample on excrement 26
Meaning: good business

trample viper 42
Translation of the dream: You have caused a bad person

tulip flower 63
Interpretation: quiet affair

see a tulip 67
Sense of the dream: you ll love of a beautiful girl but without spirit

water the tulip 7
What does it mean: You do courting a silly girl

stepping on a ladybug 74
Meaning of the dream: difficulties and problems

flowers 13
Description: representing aspects of nature

chrysanthemums 53
Interpretation of the dream: hidden enemies

tread 37
Translation: seriousness of purpose

tulip 6
Dream description: easy amorous adventures

florist old 79
Meaning: embarrassing experience

yellow chrysanthemums 33
Translation of the dream: hidden enemies

chrysanthemums dark 44
Interpretation: conquest of goods

white chrysanthemums 53
Sense of the dream: proof of love

seize chrysanthemums 41
What does it mean: risk of accidents

Flower Market 1
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant criticism

buy chrysanthemums 78
Description: battles to support

stomp angrily 50
Interpretation of the dream: new responsibilities

Marinated anchovies 19
Translation: pleasant surprise

daisy petals 24
Dream description: obstacles in love

devil's horns 77
Meaning: losses and damages

cobbler's awl 36
Translation of the dream: fighting spirit

sheep's milk 1
Interpretation: pleasant news

bricklayer's hammer 18
Sense of the dream: eventful life

piece of string 42
What does it mean: travel lucky

treading grapes 28
Meaning of the dream: misunderstanding by a woman

tuft of horsehair 21
Description: lightness in love

thrill of pleasure 34
Interpretation of the dream: high hopes

sheaf of oats 40
Translation: windfall gains

bishop's carriage 48
Dream description: proposals devious

Cat's Claw 26
Meaning: to cultivate new interests