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Tramcar. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tramcar. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tramcar 8
Meaning of the dream: complex situation

electric towel 40

tram stop 36
Interpretation of the dream: reserve and prudence

car with people 78
Translation: brilliant location

car 7
Dream description: even in pleasant situations, you ll still be restless and anxious

empty car 42
Meaning: envy hidden

car train 7
Translation of the dream: desire for freedom

leaving the car 18
Interpretation: financial loss

car tanker 11
Sense of the dream: you'll have some trouble

horse-drawn car 46
What does it mean: fairness and honesty

electrical conduit 23

luxury car 4
Description: external negative influences

insure the car 7
Interpretation of the dream: prudence in business

Car plate 67
Translation: happy novelty coming

electric appliance 83

buy car 72
Meaning: gained notoriety

broken down car 17
Translation of the dream: dangers avoided

Official car 83
Interpretation: jealousy absurd

car sedan 70
Sense of the dream: good omen

brake the car 85
What does it mean: ties difficult

electric candlestick 10

seize car 32
Description: work hard

trembling or electric railcar 11
Interpretation of the dream: a fast victory over your work

steal a car 56
Translation: intrigue secrets

paint the car 82
Dream description: imprudence

electric heater 48
Meaning: physical improvement

Abbot car 12
Translation of the dream: discussions and pains

faulty car 78

try a car 63
Sense of the dream: to avoid disputes

car fuse 33
What does it mean: engaged in some independent work

electric bell 60
Meaning of the dream: opposition to their views

electrical contact 66
Description: Friends exploiters

check a car 20
Interpretation of the dream: gain and security

tram failure 63
Translation: issues to be resolved

car that collides 5
Dream description: necessity of saving

tramway passes 46

antique car 62

lumen electric 71

car lamborghini 80
Sense of the dream: You have a dream

car steering wheel 6
What does it mean: you know you are not afraid to check

electric scalpel 65

rally car 86
Description: tiring ascent

family car 17

small car 76

card tramway 60
Dream description: nerve irritation

fall by tram 90
Meaning: quarrels between friends

car catches fire 36

be overwhelmed by a car 20
Interpretation: heavy duty

see the car hook 31
Sense of the dream: sympathy and support

speeding car 27

axis of the wheels of a car 8
Meaning of the dream: you let yourself be guided by others too

dodge car 35
Description: joys by children

sleeping car 82
Interpretation of the dream: envy hidden

mail car 47
Translation: quick fixes

car overturned 31
Dream description: serious quarrels

streetcar operator 28
Meaning: ideas that come true

cover the car 17
Translation of the dream: constructive dynamic

honking car 90
Interpretation: little attention to job

car chase 89
Sense of the dream: backlash

breaking car 88

pay car 17
Meaning of the dream: Decision to return