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Tram walking. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tram walking. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tram 27
Meaning of the dream: complex situation

get on the tram 25
Description: satisfactory statement

get off the tram 43
Interpretation of the dream: interests to care

tram ticket 81
Translation: happy marriage

pickpocket in tram 12
Dream description: little sincerity to you

fall by tram 90
Meaning: quarrels between friends

tram driver 5
Translation of the dream: ideas that come true

controller tram 50
Interpretation: low energy

convoy tram 87
Sense of the dream: lack of prudence

sit by tram 63
What does it mean: excessive emotionality

remove from the tram 11
Meaning of the dream: mild pain

wait for the tram 73
Description: aid determinants

subscribe to tram 59
Interpretation of the dream: clarity of ideas

driving a tram 8
Translation: new facts

tram stop 36
Dream description: reserve and prudence

tram failure 63
Meaning: issues to be resolved

tram with people 66
Translation of the dream: sentimental adventure

tram empty 44
Interpretation: risky projects

man in tram 81
Sense of the dream: original views

Abbot tram 31

Abbess tram 21

tram track 7
Description: work and much effort

maneuver tram 30

tram deliveryman 38

reach tram 81

fall asleep in tram 22
Meaning: happiness in family

bus driver on the tram 47
Translation of the dream: solution of a deal

tram driver that gives tickets 84
Interpretation: new emotional ties

gathering of tram drivers 20

tram driver that makes maneuvering 52
What does it mean: jealousy and intrigue

lovers walking 83
Meaning of the dream: quarrels among relatives

Walking a player 55
Description: prosperity achieved

walking a circus 77
Interpretation of the dream: momentary joys

child walking 32
Translation: news like

walking barefoot 19
Dream description: necessary sacrifices

walking reading 29
Meaning: Be careful in work

walking on snow 41
Translation of the dream: provocations by subject

walking on fire 78
Interpretation: Place shelter to an error

walking with a woman 9
Sense of the dream: resentments dangerous

walking with a man 41
What does it mean: aspirations logic

walking with a child 20
Meaning of the dream: excellent physical shape

walking with an enemy 60
Description: valid support

walking on the beach 8
Interpretation of the dream: keep harmony in the family

walking on grass 84
Translation: Safety in the daily struggle

walking on the roofs 41
Dream description: You will find the way to success

walking in the countryside 70
Meaning: evidence of genuine affection