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Toy watches. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream toy watches. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

great toy 44
Meaning of the dream: mood changes

small toy 20
Description: lively discussions

sophisticated toy 89
Interpretation of the dream: opportunism

sell watches 40
Translation: intellectual abilities

smuggling watches 24
Dream description: amorous adventures

wrap watches 9
Meaning: agitation and extravagance

soft toy 88
Translation of the dream: reckless actions

plaything 42
Interpretation: loquacity that you will bring trouble

shop watches 90
Sense of the dream: secret fear

giving toy to a child 47
What does it mean: hope

get a toy as a gift 3
Meaning of the dream: happiness

plaything broken 51
Description: cheerfulness

plaything of girl 77
Interpretation of the dream: happy encounters

toy fair 76
Translation: serious responsibility

toy boy 88
Dream description: happiness

broken toys 51
Meaning: selfishness and calculation

having toys 88
Translation of the dream: need advice

Store toys 6
Interpretation: ambitions to be braked

toys 17
Sense of the dream: pleasure and joy

buy toys 10
What does it mean: chimerical dreams

Merchant of toys 44
Meaning of the dream: ruin next

toys for children 77
Description: mysterious happenings

bazaar of toys 8
Interpretation of the dream: friendly meetings

showcase with toys 48
Translation: favorable circumstances

sell toys 78
Dream description: news from afar

watchmaker's shop 15
Meaning: interesting proposals

business hours 42
Translation of the dream: negative attitudes

clock 20
Interpretation: It will benefit and satisfaction from the hard work and good will

hours of rest 79
Sense of the dream: happiness at home

hear beat the hours 16
What does it mean: fortune

clock sewn 50
Meaning of the dream: actions contrasted

electric clock 29
Description: positive thoughts

stolen watch 58
Interpretation of the dream: want to kiss

ladies watch 57
Translation: desire for achievements

repeater watch 28
Dream description: activities discontinuous

stopped clock 2
Meaning: business stagnation

clock spring 29
Translation of the dream: boredom, fatigue

cap clock 60
Interpretation: pain vanished

small clock 56
Sense of the dream: threats and the need to fight

broken clock 71
What does it mean: disillusionment of love

solar watch 12
Meaning of the dream: notoriety

pendant watch 24
Description: happy relationships

clock key 48
Interpretation of the dream: unfounded suspicions

clock sound 87
Translation: waste of energy

clock failure 18
Dream description: sudden discovery

antique clock 55
Meaning: need for economies

grandfather clock 7
Translation of the dream: collisions with older people

diver watch 32
Interpretation: prosperity and well-being

umbilical clock 18
Sense of the dream: new experiences

Cord clock 26
What does it mean: next success

large clock 87
Meaning of the dream: decline of luck

look for the clock 24
Description: honor the profession

silver watch 86
Interpretation of the dream: new love relationship

Men's Watch 58
Translation: worldly success

wooden clock 90
Dream description: bitterness and sorrow

charge the watch 76
Meaning: expenses limit

Clock chimes 34
Translation of the dream: fanciful imagination

adjust the clock 51
Interpretation: desire for stability

clock rope 56
Sense of the dream: gratitude demonstrated

digital clock 5
What does it mean: serenity family

pendulum clock 36
Meaning of the dream: common sense and reasonableness