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Toy tractor. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream toy tractor. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

driving a tractor 50
Meaning of the dream: Safety in tomorrow

toy boy 88
Description: happiness

get a toy as a gift 3
Interpretation of the dream: happiness

toy fair 76
Translation: serious responsibility

great toy 44
Dream description: mood changes

small toy 20
Meaning: lively discussions

sophisticated toy 89
Translation of the dream: opportunism

soft toy 88
Interpretation: reckless actions

giving toy to a child 47
Sense of the dream: hope

accept a contract 84
What does it mean: good business

attract knowledge 4
Meaning of the dream: secret betrayed

cancel a contract 80
Description: desire to escape

buy toys 10
Interpretation of the dream: chimerical dreams

toys for children 77
Translation: mysterious happenings

broken toys 51
Dream description: selfishness and calculation

bazaar of toys 8
Meaning: friendly meetings

contractor 60
Translation of the dream: unexpected fortune

deal with a contractor 60
Interpretation: unexpected fortune

be contractor 1
Sense of the dream: next loss

contract to someone 4
What does it mean: desire and possibility to escape his environment

to contract 29
Meaning of the dream: desire and possibility to escape his environment

contract agreement 30
Description: audacity and cunning

contracting a disease 14
Interpretation of the dream: spirit stingy

contract a vice 7
Translation: fertile imagination

contract a commitment 18
Dream description: volubility and lightness

contracting habit 10
Meaning: courage and resourcefulness

contract 50
Translation of the dream: It is prepared to engage in a long-term relationship or project

contract home 59
Interpretation: enmity with friends

purchase contract 79
Sense of the dream: waste of money

sales contract 65
What does it mean: frankness and generosity

marriage contract 32
Meaning of the dream: vivacity of spirit

employment contract 56
Description: irony and mischief

distracted 55
Interpretation of the dream: Possible surprises

distracted at school 84
Translation: Possible surprises

distracted at the theater 17
Dream description: stormy exchange of views

distracted driving 54
Meaning: unfavorable resolution

extraction 88
Translation of the dream: good business

extraction of the lot 69
Interpretation: good business

extraction of numbers 85
Sense of the dream: momentary afflictions

ancient means of transport to animal traction 90
What does it mean: good future

extract lottery 80
Meaning of the dream: Do not trust too much the case

extract from the lot 7
Description: good sense

sign contracts 44
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected encounters

cat toying with them 5
Translation: you will be attacked by thieves

contract a marriage 80
Dream description: overcome obstacles

religious tracts 30
Meaning: misjudgment

extract from the earth turnips 15
Translation of the dream: foresight

ratify a contract 58
Interpretation: easy success