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Touch spoiled milk. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream touch spoiled milk. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

spoiled food 30
Meaning of the dream: small payout

spoiled son 65
Description: are you sure of yourself

touch 50
Interpretation of the dream: moderate your passions

touch sick 16
Translation: serenity disturbed

touch the hunchback 48
Dream description: security

touch the shore 18
Meaning: News coming soon

touch the skull 39
Translation of the dream: success and fortune

touch a woman 68
Interpretation: need for adaptation

touch a child 51
Sense of the dream: inner balance

touch a stranger 33
What does it mean: great nervous tension

touch an animal 22
Meaning of the dream: physical recovery

touch a glass 40
Description: dangerous temptation

touch a dress 5
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts in the work

touch of a button 58
Translation: unexpected proposals

touch a wire 59
Dream description: jealousy and contrasts

touch the bread 27
Meaning: good spirits and health

touch the fruit 13
Translation of the dream: novelty home

sense of touch 5
Interpretation: moderate your passions

touch a hedgehog 61
Sense of the dream: a suspicious person you procurer of bad experiences

hump touch 75
What does it mean: overworked

touch wool jacket 81
Meaning of the dream: your luck at most

milk 50
Description: Success in business

jug with milk 48
Interpretation of the dream: lust for life

coffee with milk 86
Translation: lightheartedness

kid who gets the milk 1
Dream description: Understanding the emotional ties

milk diet 12
Meaning: unnecessary controversy

fresh milk 44
Translation of the dream: wellness and health

condensed milk 84
Interpretation: sufferings of love

milk woman 26
Sense of the dream: novelty in the family

buy milk 42
What does it mean: unexpected gain

drink milk 56
Meaning of the dream: great satisfaction

cook the milk 39
Description: tough business

milked milk 33
Interpretation of the dream: desires achievable

milk with honey 88
Translation: good weather

milk a cow 14
Dream description: windfall

bread in milk 4
Meaning: luck changing

fourth of milk 11
Translation of the dream: Success with money

cool milk 63
Interpretation: patiently waiting

soften with milk 4
Sense of the dream: good health

boil milk 16
What does it mean: from health check

Heat the milk 12
Meaning of the dream: fortunate circumstances

squirt milk 51
Description: mild illness

bucket with milk 17
Interpretation of the dream: visits like

sister of milk 23
Translation: new friends

sip of milk 9
Dream description: next problem solving

subsisting on milk 4
Meaning: mood changes

tea with milk 11
Translation of the dream: good practical sense

abundance of milk 63
Interpretation: work pay

curdle milk 29
Sense of the dream: insights incorrect