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Torturing a prisoner. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream torturing a prisoner. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see torturing others or themselves 25
Meaning of the dream: rescue from death

prisoner 7
Description: difficult relationships

to be a prisoner 68
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationships

arrest or prisoner 3
Translation: sorrow and misery or joy late

handcuffed prisoner 65
Dream description: threads to avoid

prisoner drinking 43
Meaning: request for help

prisoner praying 10
Translation of the dream: overcoming difficulties

prisoner guilty 24
Interpretation: stormy period

innocent prisoner 13
Sense of the dream: depression

prisoner with handcuffs 84
What does it mean: complex of anguish

prisoner crying 49
Meaning of the dream: plans to change

prisoner who escapes 60
Description: initiative compromised

wounded prisoner 48
Interpretation of the dream: restrictions necessary

prisoner acquitted 12
Translation: business ranging in port

release a prisoner 39
Dream description: contrasts with the elderly

lame prisoner 80
Meaning: close condemnation

fellow prisoner 26
Translation of the dream: next trip

general prisoner 17
Interpretation: contrasts with a child

emperor prisoner 46
Sense of the dream: sorrows

interrogating a prisoner 81
What does it mean: unnecessary expenses

herald prisoner 25
Meaning of the dream: work still long and tiring

gunsmith prisoner 69
Description: disease

prisoner in the cell 18
Interpretation of the dream: Next healing

pirate prisoner 79
Translation: little security

capture an escaped prisoner 77
Dream description: new jobs

torturer 18
Meaning: trouble

be a torturer 48
Translation of the dream: changes favorites

tormentor that torture 27
Interpretation: male admiration

victim of a torturer 11
Sense of the dream: bad intentions

mutiny of prisoners 7
What does it mean: disappointments in love

sharpshooter in prison 27
Meaning of the dream: superficiality of relatives

pickpocket in prison 54
Description: outputs from your isolation

imprison 75
Interpretation of the dream: disappointments in love

imprison men 7
Translation: ambiguous proposals

imprison women 21
Dream description: in labor disputes

imprison children 18
Meaning: compromised situation

imprison thieves 82
Translation of the dream: waivers painful

imprison killers 20
Interpretation: attempts to dominate

imprison drunks 3
Sense of the dream: anxiety and fears

imprison old 14
What does it mean: discovery of intrigue

imprison enemies 71
Meaning of the dream: future plans

imprison soldiers 17
Description: irritation and nervousness

prison infirmary 61
Interpretation of the dream: important events

prison 87
Translation: not allowed to express yourself

remand prison 67
Dream description: constant hard work and

Military Prison 89
Meaning: deceptions hidden

political prison 72
Translation of the dream: good solutions

Prison for Women 55
Interpretation: unjust accusations

prison for men 65
Sense of the dream: dangerous temptations

prison for minors 37
What does it mean: surprises from relatives

full prison 84
Meaning of the dream: change activity