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Tortoises that mate. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tortoises that mate. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

first mate 25
Meaning of the dream: you are responsible for many people

school mate 56
Description: momentary embarrassment

mate college 79
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

maternal altruism 29
Translation: events pleased

amalgamate 18
Dream description: being unstable

maternal ancestor 12
Meaning: ability to convince

maternal authority 14
Translation of the dream: misconduct

maternal kiss 59
Interpretation: inconstancy affections

scuffle between inmates 26
Sense of the dream: situations to be clarified

inmate working 56
What does it mean: rights to be defended

inmate eating 27
Meaning of the dream: compromise solution

inmate sleeping 72
Description: coldness and calculation

inmate who flees 86
Interpretation of the dream: excessive fatigue

climate 10
Translation: position compromised

humid climate 66
Dream description: lack of vitality

workmate 37
Meaning: discord in the family

roommate 83
Translation of the dream: News coming soon

consummate the marriage 63
Interpretation: inner satisfaction

animated dialogue 63
Sense of the dream: ability to control

amateur 35
What does it mean: spiritual restlessness

being an amateur 8
Meaning of the dream: spiritual restlessness

see an amateur 53
Description: unscrupulousness

amateur sports 26
Interpretation of the dream: desire for success

amateur musician 45
Translation: dangerous illusions

amateur painter 32
Dream description: insecurity

amateur poet 50
Meaning: good disposition towards others

cremate crematorium 48
Translation of the dream: illusion

maternal image 84
Interpretation: inner tranquility

maternal curse 20
Sense of the dream: serious concerns

maternal grandparents 12
What does it mean: ability to convince

intimate relationships 22
Meaning of the dream: disappointments and discussions

reanimate 35
Description: position of responsibility

rebellious inmate 64
Interpretation of the dream: novelty

junk that estimate 10
Translation: loss of a friendship

Amateur Radio be in communication 77
Dream description: long and happy

Strong material 88
Meaning: increasing activity

illegitimate heir 28
Translation of the dream: you do not recognize your responsibility

amateur boxing 87

amateur dance 15

amateur tennis 42

animal that mates 1

prepare material 72

approximate 12

nervous climate 84

maternity hospital 43

communicate with an inmate 23

amateur in dance 3

amateur football 78

amateur singing 52

amateur in music 29

amateur in painting 51

amateur in skiing 88

gendarme with mates 7

packing materials 70

inanimate 41

engineer who makes estimates 14

intimate 70

intimate act 79

legitimate maternal 23

legitimate father 78

legitimate daughter 12

legitimate son 9

legitimate 51

transporting materials 47

amateur theater 48

tortoiseshell button 6

policeman with inmates 4

maternal advice 40

materialism 6

materialist 37

maternal instinct 79

maternal grandmother 6

maternal grandfather 76

penultimate 89