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Tortoises that mate. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tortoises that mate. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

aquarium with turtles 35
Meaning of the dream: success in work

matt silver 75
Description: bitter internal conflict

hatching turtle 80
Interpretation of the dream: windfall gains

range of turtle 67
Translation: maturation of projects

school mate 56
Dream description: momentary embarrassment

mate college 79
Meaning: Good news

first mate 25
Translation of the dream: you are responsible for many people

see the turtle 12
Interpretation: lack of prudence

top box turtle 84
Sense of the dream: serene thoughts

birds that migrate 55
What does it mean: dangerous trip

garbage that stinks 45
Meaning of the dream: reflection and prudence

wave that overwhelms 15
Description: oddities mood

trucks that invests 35
Interpretation of the dream: You have joy

car that collides 5
Translation: necessity of saving

aircraft that rises 61
Dream description: Good news

fish that stinks 54
Meaning: change of address social

begging that alms 47
Translation of the dream: you will be the victim of betrayal

winch that pulls 78
Interpretation: predatory sexual behavior

land 11
Sense of the dream: protection and affection will come from a person close

strain that burns 80
What does it mean: shifts lucky

animal that flies 45
Meaning of the dream: ailments passengers

Dogs that bite 24
Description: various ailments

corpse that rises 7
Interpretation of the dream: consistency in the actions

cartoon that quarrels 69
Translation: waivers to do

mine that explodes 75
Dream description: imminent death

bugs that bite 38
Meaning: new proposals advantageous

oil tanker that sails 5
Translation of the dream: reconciliation with relatives

fleet that burns 40
Interpretation: harmony of relationships

doll that sings 62
Sense of the dream: you need assistance for families

menstruation that are not 42
What does it mean: you want to become a mother

tooth that moves 73
Meaning of the dream: fear that something bad will happen

corpse that moves 8
Description: good health, goodness of mind

Red earth 38
Interpretation of the dream: anxieties and fears

black earth 14
Translation: melancholy and depression

ambulance that runs 40
Dream description: wrong to be repaired

hound that smells 88
Meaning: jealousy in love

yellow earth 58
Translation of the dream: false news

knife that does not cut 81
Interpretation: weak character

chickens that make eggs 27
Sense of the dream: gain

bus that invests 26
What does it mean: plenty of money

children that embraces you 76
Meaning of the dream: poor health of the child who will be born

dentures that breaks 61
Description: unusual happenings

cricket that sings 42
Interpretation of the dream: fears

amassing land 57
Translation: support to be given to relatives

ground squirrel 36
Dream description: friendly relations

company that does business 3
Meaning: challenging decision

swallows that make the nest 8
Translation of the dream: tranquil spa

heaping earth 75
Interpretation: good news

customer that does not pay 14
Sense of the dream: prosperity

two cocks that are fighting 65
What does it mean: discussion, battle

clod of earth 4
Meaning of the dream: good omen of winter; bad omen in summer

pageboy holding her train 33
Description: fluke