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Tooth trunk. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tooth trunk. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

sever a trunk 10
Meaning of the dream: hard work

trunk of the road 3
Description: desires achievable

trunk split 64
Interpretation of the dream: problems to be solved

receive a trunk 20
Translation: mischievous reasoning

lose a trunk 42
Dream description: exaltation of love

livery trunk 79
Meaning: serious disagreements

railway trunk 2
Translation of the dream: good energy

root of a tooth 55
Interpretation: grief from family

trunk Silver 29
Sense of the dream: optimism and serenity

trunk of gold 77
What does it mean: annoyances and obstacles

send trunk 19
Meaning of the dream: difficulties in business

tree trunk 85
Description: inner conflicts

deposit trunk 32
Interpretation of the dream: chimeras dangerous

canvas trunk 47
Translation: make sure your future

plate of a trunk 48
Dream description: order and responsibility

trunk stolen 72
Meaning: excessive imprudence

tooth cat 31
Translation of the dream: increasing vitality

fill a tooth 15
Interpretation: grief and loss

tooth pond 41
Sense of the dream: humiliation

crooked tooth 19
What does it mean: need to make a change in their lives

tooth growing 78
Meaning of the dream: visits

tooth trembling 14
Description: uncertain situation

extirpate a tooth 16
Interpretation of the dream: severe pain

trunk with money 26
Translation: happy hours and relaxing

trunk or bonnet 14
Dream description: upcoming trip or even loss to the game

riverbed tooth 11
Meaning: contrasting opinions

bad tooth 44
Translation of the dream: grief and loss

tooth horse 78
Interpretation: interesting experiences

dog's tooth 58
Sense of the dream: serenity and optimism

white tooth 46
What does it mean: good wishes

tooth aches 35
Meaning of the dream: sorrows in family

trunk with linen 61
Description: furtive meetings

tooth falling 13
Interpretation of the dream: loss of loved one

tooth broken 75
Translation: insecurity and weakness

tooth beast 30
Dream description: to curb impulsiveness

tooth removed 55
Meaning: change in your sex life

false tooth 39
Translation of the dream: lies and betrayals

extricate the tooth 70
Interpretation: rupture of relations

tooth that moves 73
Sense of the dream: fear that something bad will happen

tooth 35
What does it mean: symbol of sexual power

tooth hesitant 62
Meaning of the dream: illness or distress of relatives or friends

tooth pork 46
Description: wealth of ideas

unseat a tooth 19
Interpretation of the dream: trouble with health

fallen log 25
Translation: dangerous fantasies

gold tooth 4
Dream description: economic benefits

get the hat a tooth 46
Meaning: separation of a relative

canine (tooth) 64
Translation of the dream: anger

tooth leaded 37
Interpretation: you reflect on your private life

elephant's trunk 67
Sense of the dream: sexual desires

tooth comb 87
What does it mean: contrasts to overcome

trunk 52
Meaning of the dream: upcoming trip or even loss to the game

stem 79
Description: persecution of enemies

empty chest 52
Interpretation of the dream: well-founded trust