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Tools embroidery. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tools embroidery. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tools 20
Meaning of the dream: difficult adventure

mountaineer with tools 31
Description: sudden sympathies

fishing tools 5
Interpretation of the dream: awaits loss in your business

with farm tools 64
Translation: right insight

porch with tools 14
Dream description: good business

work tools 50
Meaning: news of relatives

stand tools 9

assortment of tools 55

shopkeeper tools 21

handle tools useful work 52
What does it mean: great help from a person in authority

embroidery 34
Meaning of the dream: genuine affection and understanding with your partner

do embroidery 18
Description: joy without profit

Scissors for embroidery 70
Interpretation of the dream: excessive demands

embroidery in silver 42
Translation: hopes collapsing

gold embroidery 88
Dream description: unforeseen expenses

silk embroidery 82
Meaning: quiet serenity

ancient embroidery 15
Translation of the dream: realization valid

modern embroidery 56
Interpretation: nervous excitement

embroidery hoop 62
Sense of the dream: melancholy passing

embroidery needle 88

trash embroidery 21

socks with embroidery 33

ribbon embroidery 24

embroidery scissors 20

Embroidery Cotton 86

Embroidery in wool 33

embroidered collar 12
Translation of the dream: dangerous relationship

embroidered linen 54
Interpretation: intuitions wrong

embroidered bag 42
Sense of the dream: tendency to command

tool 61
What does it mean: good news

owning silver tool 1
Meaning of the dream: prevent improved conditions

Embroidered Shoes 54
Description: discord to talk

embroidered belt 36
Interpretation of the dream: benefits and surprises

wedge (tool) 77
Translation: aid

iron tool 16
Dream description: inevitable adversity

embroidered handkerchief 14
Meaning: label and pride

cope embroidered 11
Translation of the dream: friendships are renewed

pay tool 47
Interpretation: good proposals to sift

Shuttle (weaving tool) 14
Sense of the dream: useful work

decorate with embroidered 75
What does it mean: domestic happiness

tool hoarse 8
Meaning of the dream: quick fixes

embroider 64
Description: dangerous relationship

embroider linens 8
Interpretation of the dream: opposition in the family

embroider bags 25
Translation: financial risks

embroider handkerchiefs 70
Dream description: final break

embroidered blouses 22
Meaning: romantic character

embroider linen 2
Translation of the dream: abrupt change of plans

embroider tablecloths 14
Interpretation: return of a loved one

embroidered cushions 76
Sense of the dream: professional life hostile

embroidered towel 14
What does it mean: morbid love

stool 1
Meaning of the dream: penalties and unnecessary worries

sit on a stool 34
Description: penalties and unnecessary worries

fall from a stool 11
Interpretation of the dream: business thwarted

mounted on a stool 22
Translation: misdirected ambition

piano stool 8
Dream description: satisfactions by young

have embroidered clothes 31
Meaning: honors and money

spinet (tool) 9
Translation of the dream: proximity unwelcome

tool bomb 87
Interpretation: you will begin an arduous

embroidered veil 68
Sense of the dream: rapid development of business

embroidered fan 84
What does it mean: fickleness and selfishness

tool with verdigris 65
Meaning of the dream: need for decision

tool of lead 58
Description: inheritance

tool porcelain 25
Interpretation of the dream: disease

making tool 49
Translation: grief and sorrow

embroidered dress 63

stool analysis 52

embroidered border 78

embroidered hat 76

embroidered apron 2

mouth tool 60

tool carpenter 6

embroidered tapestry 54

new tool 4

broken tool 67

toolmaker 56

military tool 55

naval tool 25

rural tool 58

embroidered bodice 34

embroidered saddlecloth 16

faldstool 15

embroidered waistcoat 77

embroider pillowcases 53

embroidered shawls 15