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Tombs of the convent. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tombs of the convent. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tombs of the convent 44
Meaning of the dream: awaits a family event

convent 20
Description: good earnings

see the convent 7
Interpretation of the dream: changes and novelties

old convent 48

new convent 29

enter a convent 12
Meaning: frankness and generosity

friary convent 53
Translation of the dream: bad business

convent of nuns 56
Interpretation: understanding from friends

Convent uninhabited 40
Sense of the dream: initiatives wrong

live in a convent 72
What does it mean: leadership ability

praying in the convent 74
Meaning of the dream: realization of desires

cloistered convent 2
Description: unscrupulousness

lane convent 18
Interpretation of the dream: guilt trip

nun in the convent 68
Translation: quiet life

the parlor of the convent 65
Dream description: changing situation

retire to a convent 42
Meaning: secret love

visit a convent 51
Translation of the dream: melancholia

Convent of inhabitant 34

abortion convent 8

approaching the convent 42

Carmelite convent 27

close to the convent 51

a convent schoolgirl 81

Guardian of the convent 69

railing of the convent 22

circumvent a convent 45

convent school 6

restored convent 26

convent suppressed 62

converse in convent 86

Capuchin friar in a convent 89
Meaning of the dream: unrealizable projects

mother superior of a convent 66
Description: family problems

convention 44
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected news

baptism of a convert 5
Translation: desire for perversion

convene 51
Dream description: want to share in your joys of others

attending a convention 90
Meaning: benevolence and protection

converse 51
Translation of the dream: luck and honors

conversing with women 16
Interpretation: next displeasure

converse with men 68
Sense of the dream: sentimental joy

converse with kids 19
What does it mean: program changes

converse with old people 63
Meaning of the dream: discouragement to overcome

converse with his father 83
Description: personal satisfaction

conversing with his mother 88
Interpretation of the dream: friendly meetings

converse with his wife 62
Translation: missed appointment

conversing with her husband 53
Dream description: conciliatory character

converse in street 21
Meaning: misplaced trust

converse at home 80
Translation of the dream: solution of a problem

converse gaily 49
Interpretation: mishaps and delays

convert 36
Sense of the dream: desire for perversion

convert to God 90
What does it mean: surprise

convert to the good 15
Meaning of the dream: wise prudence

convert to Christianity 45
Description: good balance

convert to another faith 29
Interpretation of the dream: painful decisions

convert a sinner 38
Translation: discipline in work

convert titles 16
Dream description: business to be concluded

build a tomb 4
Meaning: loss of friends

travel in convertible 31
Translation of the dream: good luck

convertible overturned 23
Interpretation: next misery

conversing with friends 11
Sense of the dream: threat of rain that will damage your plantings

conversation evening vigil 4
What does it mean: slander

conversation silly and vain 8
Meaning of the dream: lost time

conversation of women 66
Description: aid from friends

Conversely friar 32
Interpretation of the dream: narrowly

hecatomb 48
Translation: disease

tombstone 63
Dream description: You suffer a loss

read his tombstone 41
Meaning: issues to be forgotten

marriage of convenience 8
Translation of the dream: disagreement and penis

convey a cold 65
Interpretation: unusual experience

start a conversation 70
Sense of the dream: momentary success

carve a tombstone 5
What does it mean: sudden trip

inconvenient friendship 44
Meaning of the dream: knowledge important

place a tomb 37
Description: you regret the past

built tomb 5
Interpretation of the dream: marriage birth of a child

visit a tomb 2
Translation: sad news