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Together shops. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream together shops. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

shops 65

owning shops 49
Description: nervousness to dominate

rent shops 32

rent a shop 36
Translation: abundance or good business

rent workshop 80
Dream description: secret fear

bishop chess 7
Meaning: safety in the future

see a bishop 62
Translation of the dream: luck to a friend


altar with a bishop 90
Interpretation: authorities conquered

bishop's ring 86
Sense of the dream: evilintentioned employees

antique shop 6
What does it mean: danger trips

shop 35
Meaning of the dream: Misunderstandings with your partner or with a partner

fruit shop 62
Description: work poorly rewarded

vegetable shop 78
Interpretation of the dream: poor luck

butcher's shop 87
Translation: misgivings

baker's shop 88
Dream description: concerns for the future

a grocer's shop 85
Meaning: ambiguous experiences

tinsmith shop 36
Translation of the dream: unexpected gains

the tobacconist's shop 82
Interpretation: situation oscillating

barber shop 8
Sense of the dream: aggressive reactions

the stationer's shop 40
What does it mean: sentimental crisis

shoemaker's shop 17
Meaning of the dream: masked cunning

archbishop 11
Description: much luck and useful meetings

Archbishop who turns his back 60
Interpretation of the dream: various dangers

barn together with other birds 28
Translation: loss of wealth

see many goats (sheep) together 28
Dream description: inheritance

change shop 35
Meaning: unforeseen expenses


grasshopper 37
Translation of the dream: Good news

be bitten by a grasshopper 19
Interpretation: anxious moments

see flying grasshopper 37
Sense of the dream: lack of enthusiasm

dining together 26
What does it mean: aspiration to the domain

close the shop 35
Meaning of the dream: resentment and bitterness

shop assistant 40
Description: failed attempt at reconciliation

Conference of Bishops 18
Interpretation of the dream: conquest of goods

be in coffee shop 68
Translation: various mishaps

grasshoppers for a sick 33
Dream description: good luck

do some shopping 46
Meaning: prosperity

bellhop shop 37
Translation of the dream: critical

workshop 18
Interpretation: danger to parry

wine shop 1
Sense of the dream: drunkenness causes you trouble

butcher shop 80
What does it mean: risk dangerous

eating together 74
Meaning of the dream: disagreements with your loved one

commit objects to the pawnshop 21
Description: difficulties should not be underestimated

worker workshop 43
Interpretation of the dream: success of a new business

watchmaker's shop 15
Translation: interesting proposals

master of the shop 44
Dream description: coherence in

walking together in a park 34
Meaning: rebellion environment

shop in perfumery 34
Translation of the dream: pitfalls

shopkeeper linen 16
Interpretation: big gain with the work

shopkeeper beer 77
Sense of the dream: big gain

shopkeeper salt 7
What does it mean: await sad days

shopkeeper seed 39
Meaning of the dream: do not let yourself turn away from your programs

shopkeeper silk 74
Description: discreet prosperity

shopkeeper oil 36
Interpretation of the dream: You do good to your friends

chickens and chicks together 65
Translation: loss to be repaired

children workshop 12
Dream description: rivalry secret

revive shop 77
Meaning: commitments embarrassing

together 56
Translation of the dream: need for affection

junk shop that sells 26
Interpretation: high hopes

go home together 87
Sense of the dream: uncertainty and perplexity

bring together people 17
What does it mean: good luck

bring together soldiers 84
Meaning of the dream: Threads

fry shop 41
Description: loss of a friend

shop in rotisserie 30
Interpretation of the dream: sudden change

sacristy with Bishop 18
Translation: unexpected proposal

86 - Smorfia classic: shop 86

rob a shop 15
Meaning: pain and embarrassment

boy shop 19
Translation of the dream: good news

tobacco shop 42
Interpretation: large chatter

wine shop (tavern) 35
Sense of the dream: Too good to be ungrateful