Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams


The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: toast

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toast 55
new guidelines

toast to 87

to toast bread 15

drink a toast 87
new guidelines

toast for a birth 13
unexpected arrival

toast for a baptism 45
pleasant novelty

toast for engagement 64
ability to donate

toast for a wedding 16
personality influenced

toast for a birthday 78
evidence of affection

toast for a name day 36
mood changes

toast with champagne 49
optimism and serenity

toast acorns 11
lack of objectivity

toast bread 68
new guidelines

eating toast 41
aid from relatives

toast to the outcome of a study 24
sweeping changes

make toast at the table 17
good mood

toasted almonds 46
acute powers of observation

toasted bread 30
particular success

toasted barley 41
family problems to be solved

toasted chickpeas 23
interesting activity

to toasted almonds 43
unnecessary apprehensions

toaster 56