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Toad glutton. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream toad glutton. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

toad jumping 8
Meaning of the dream: odd news

toad in the road 82
Description: interests thwarted

toad in the house 34
Interpretation of the dream: momentary whims

toad 6
Translation: something threatens the serenity of the family

glutton 90
Dream description: You spend all your money

see a toad 49
Meaning: deception of love

kill a toad 28
Translation of the dream: decisive victory over enemies

glutton eating 6
Interpretation: You re lucky

drunken glutton 73
Sense of the dream: serenity of spirit

glutton drinking 58
What does it mean: influential support

insatiable glutton 36
Meaning of the dream: prosperity

glutton vomiting 4
Description: purchase of favors

glutton for food 26
Interpretation of the dream: waste of time

glutton for sweets 38
Translation: betrayal by a friend who will abuse the secrets confided

frog 7
Dream description: presence of flatterers or ignorant, luck

frog in the pond 89
Meaning: entry money

frog cotton 77
Translation of the dream: unhappy passion

frog jump 36
Interpretation: proof of love

tree frog in the pond 89
Sense of the dream: economic rewards

frog in water 31
What does it mean: fluctuating fortune

kill the tree frog 63
Meaning of the dream: nervousness and agitation accentuated

jump tree frog 35
Description: sentimental intrigue

treefrog 67
Interpretation of the dream: economic rewards

frog gold 10
Translation: sad days

frog croaking 64
Dream description: goodwill

frog on earth 24
Meaning: constructive energy

tadpole 19
Translation of the dream: period of reflection and transition

yellow frog 26
Interpretation: inner security

neck 1
Sense of the dream: ambition or next legacy

Carthusian monk 55
What does it mean: unfastened, too diffident

throat 8
Meaning of the dream: Danger averted

Brother suppressed 87
Description: prosperity at home

bottleneck 7
Interpretation of the dream: balance

the bird's neck 39
Translation: missteps enemies

friar disguised 73
Dream description: melancholy

bull neck 65
Meaning: be happy

injured neck 49
Translation of the dream: new hope

long neck 65
Interpretation: sick passenger

neck animal 36
Sense of the dream: unexpected help

dress as a monk 17
What does it mean: indifference and selfishness

throat hurts 26
Meaning of the dream: profitable sales

man's throat 76
Description: Adventure happy

short neck 90
Interpretation of the dream: misplaced trust

throat ill 69
Translation: false hopes, adventurous projects will not give anything positive

the beast throat 68
Dream description: contrasts secrets

ruffle neck 53
Meaning: Special message for you

anorexia or bulimia 16
Translation of the dream: it feels not accepted

catch frogs 18
Interpretation: useful and fruitful exchange of ideas

throat with goiter 27
Sense of the dream: short illness

kill frogs 63
What does it mean: Excessive irritability

friar cappuccino in choir 10
Meaning of the dream: good wishes

frog eating 82
Description: Excellent reports

spearing frogs 49
Interpretation of the dream: health and vitality