Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

to live in a city

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: to live in a city

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73 to live in a city

40 live in the city
difficult struggle

90 away from the city
distrust of relatives

18 city
tranquility of mind

73 see a city
prosperity and good business

90 get out of the city
heart problems

55 cross a city
recommendation request

5 bombardment of a city
desire for perfection

27 Flooding in the city
attention to your enemies who want to harm you

6 capitulation of a city
obstacles in the profession

66 Cemetery city
changing health

9 maritime city
notoriety and prestige

12 city ​​celebrates
windfall gains

42 ancient city
work hard

6 beautiful city
high hopes

63 big city
new experiences

90 city ​​destroyed
painful separation

8 city ​​fire
obstacles to overcome

70 city ​​life
lack of resources

41 medieval city
unpleasant gossip

74 besieged city
contradictions and struggles in family

28 city ​​university
passion and ambition

37 visit a city
knowledge important

82 devastate a city
susceptibility and presumption

69 flooding of a city
severe economic damage

46 city ​​Hall

5 Parish city
hard work

38 scour the city
original ideas

76 plan of a city
journey to make

15 district of the city
moral force

73 made of a city
definitive agreements

8 tailoring of city
sensitive period

82 School city
unwelcome surprises

45 sentinel in city
letter with good news

74 pave city
business discussions

39 moving to another city
business proposals

40 city restaurant
Secret Revealed

45 view of city
Understanding with friends and relatives

22 avenue of a city
clear days

10 villa in the city
aid materials coming

49 live
superficiality of judgment

13 live well
dangerous follies

30 live alone
innovative thoughts

34 live in a garret
small misfortune

68 live at sea
betrayal of friends

69 live in the mountains

17 live with the poor
wealth of mind

57 Live quicklime
arrogance of collaborators

8 live in the country
full success in work

40 live in a cave
changes in circumstances

72 live in a convent
leadership ability

22 live with a woman
danger of a scam

34 live with a man
donation and earnings

61 live with a friend
hassle from family

60 to live with her lover
exaggerated claims

71 live with strangers
overcoming of an obstacle

43 live in discord
limited views

50 dig up a live
terrible misfortune

90 live shrimp
trouble judicial

70 live in a palace
impediments and delays

47 live fish
objective assessments

30 live octopus
adventurous temperament

11 live in the attic
love of family

49 to live in a dump
new programs

63 to live in a hovel
new guidelines

49 to live in a villa
delays and mishaps

83 live badly
good omens

50 live honestly
inner conflicts