Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

to judge

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: to judge

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17 judge
good friends

63 to judge
you do not have to deal with things that do not concern you

17 act as judge

10 biased judge
too little trust in your family

67 severe judge
invitations pleasant

26 toga by judge
inner problems

49 judge a book
moral rigidity

90 Judge cap

37 meeting of judges
new force

64 cancel a judgment
necessary sacrifice

85 civil judgment
Fortunately difficult to win

1 confirm a judgment
obstacles in the profession

16 contest a judgment
coincidences favorable

82 faculty of judging
possibility to exploit

87 signing judgments
malleable character

51 judges
malice and cruelty

78 something to be judged

13 oppose a judgment
stubbornness dangerous

44 pronouncing judgment
misunderstanding with your loved one

16 motto judgment
still keep up your resolutions

61 ratify a judgment
adverse criticism

49 draft a judgment
Small daily hassles

18 think again of judgment
deceptions hidden

42 judgment
ideas unclear

43 judgment of conviction
ideas unclear

30 read the judgment
false situation

38 giving judgment
safe work

70 listen to the judgment
compromise to avoid

74 be judged

85 misjudge someone
you re always reckless