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To have assets. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream to have assets. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to have assets 77
Meaning of the dream: you feel happy

lose assets 2
Description: adaptation to circumstances

dissipate assets 27
Interpretation of the dream: uncertain future

accumulate assets 80
Translation: apprehensions

legacy assets 14
Dream description: exaggerated ambition

mortgage assets 17
Meaning: disadvantageous contracts

assets of government 88
Translation of the dream: do you want to prove your worth

wasting assets 34
Interpretation: general improvement

to have superficiality 15
Sense of the dream: you should be more humble

not to have a family 41
What does it mean: loneliness

concept to have a bad 43
Meaning of the dream: impatience

have friends 65
Description: Decision cautious

have an heir 58
Interpretation of the dream: you have confidence in your future

have a villa 86
Translation: support to be given to relatives

have a good concept 89
Dream description: castles in the air

have or be wet 26
Meaning: anger

have more than one member 43
Translation of the dream: you do not feel sexually normal

have or use grater 13
Interpretation: get tough leave, dismissal

have more than five fingers to the hand 27
Sense of the dream: novel alliance, friendship, luck, profit, legacy

have charity 25
What does it mean: good novelty

have clothes 39
Meaning of the dream: pain near

have courage 70
Description: resentment and bitterness

have ammunition 28
Interpretation of the dream: Ready to everything

have an operation 10
Translation: various unforeseen events

have the pleasure 4
Dream description: need greater importance

have sensuality 27
Meaning: desire for sex

have credits 2
Translation of the dream: success in business

have a child 77
Interpretation: novelty

have depression 73
Sense of the dream: your project gone wrong and you re discouraged

have lover 55
What does it mean: Revenge of envy

have an empty bowl 45
Meaning of the dream: letter from afar

have an ulcer 70
Description: Pulse exaggerated

have typhus 41
Interpretation of the dream: themes that your health may worsen

have white skirt 66
Translation: taste

have embroidered clothes 31
Dream description: honors and money

have many enemies 2
Meaning: you feel persecuted for no reason

have cholera 7
Translation of the dream: You get sick

Church property 45
Interpretation: Economic instability

have, buy or see baking dish 55
Sense of the dream: good friendship nearby

have prudence 37
What does it mean: you re too reckless

have kids or lambs 54
Meaning of the dream: consolation

have many sheep or lambs 15
Description: profit and wealth

have a good reputation 75
Interpretation of the dream: lively discussions

have a bad reputation 84
Translation: sick passenger

have wrinkles to the face 80
Dream description: You will preserve until late in life a pleasant appearance

have to own a domestic service 6
Meaning: hampered projects

have arrows 38
Translation of the dream: next disgust, discontent

have hot 32
Interpretation: advantageous proposals

have stubbornly 9
Sense of the dream: anxieties and fears