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To design. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream to design. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

to design 4
Meaning of the dream: try your luck in unsuitable location

design a theft 56
Description: dangerous hazards

design a lottery 58
Interpretation of the dream: tries to fantasize less

school design 73
Translation: rights to be defended

design a building 89
Dream description: unnecessary fears

design plant 64
Meaning: bitter internal conflict

design a crime 47
Translation of the dream: danger of leakage

Design a room 53
Interpretation: complications in family

designing a walk 63
Sense of the dream: material well-being

planning a trip 6
What does it mean: intellectual activity

planning an escape 71
Meaning of the dream: wounds, pains

to help 26
Description: your efforts to reach a goal

to load 58
Interpretation of the dream: need and sorrow

ashamed to talk 3
Translation: valuable tips to follow

teach to talk 8
Dream description: exaggerated idealism

compel to talk 50
Meaning: useless discussions

visiting the sick 64
Translation of the dream: You find the means to achieve your goal

stand up to comparison 10
Interpretation: adventurous spirit

compensate with money 7
Sense of the dream: dangerous follies

lost to park 66
What does it mean: errors of assessment

Appendix to operate 58
Meaning of the dream: love declaration

compliment to receive 62
Description: provocations by enemies

a tertiary to the confessional 7
Interpretation of the dream: sadness

to stand out for culture 15
Translation: to overcome prejudices

appears for confirmation 31
Dream description: dreams come true

to free oneself, liberation 50
Meaning: fitness

make a prediction for you 13
Translation of the dream: normal promise and not keep

encourage others to pray 29
Interpretation: happy coincidence

designed puppet 48
Sense of the dream: physical fatigue

mark designs 35
What does it mean: submission in business

designed tapestry 46
Meaning of the dream: success and sympathies

planning a travel 30
Description: ideas to carefully consider

starting gear for soldiers 76
Interpretation of the dream: fortune in businesses

plan a party 62
Translation: critically

give it a shot to punch or slap 7
Dream description: peace and love in the family success in his loves

lowering 88
Meaning: sense of inferiority towards others

to work 9
Translation of the dream: need to work hard if you want to win the adversity, great commitment and effort

to ride 3
Interpretation: You need a little moment of escape

to draw 7
Sense of the dream: an obstacle will have to be overcome with courage

to possess 73
What does it mean: contrariness

to act 66
Meaning of the dream: organizational capacity

to bear 55
Description: envy

to travel 13
Interpretation of the dream: good omen

to bargain 16
Translation: groped business that fail to inexperience

induce 76
Dream description: success in business

to reach 48
Meaning: desire for something that does not have

to recruit 14
Translation of the dream: fortune

to research 42
Interpretation: imaginative wishes

to review 13
Sense of the dream: suspicions and doubts

to cut 46
What does it mean: disappointed or weakened

smoker 64
Meaning of the dream: unexpected rescue

to smoke 36
Description: you'll get great consideration