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Tight ring finger. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tight ring finger. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ring finger 1
Meaning of the dream: hope to marry

finger with ring 68
Description: windfalls

tight dress 66
Interpretation of the dream: physical discomfort

ring on her finger 79
Translation: reconciliation family

finger 5
Dream description: Know yourself is a means to obtain a good gain

bloody finger 52
Meaning: limited views

feet finger 6
Translation of the dream: happy union

peel finger 7
Interpretation: investments guessed

finger burned 4
Sense of the dream: disinterested advice

finger bent 8
What does it mean: naivety

broken finger 8
Meaning of the dream: use your potentials so dangerous

cut finger 74
Description: illusions falling

amputate a finger 83
Interpretation of the dream: intrigues of friends

finger with gold ring 17
Translation: possessions, honors and riches

finger without fingernail 2
Dream description: unwelcome surprises

hand finger 27
Meaning: good health

index (finger) 66
Translation of the dream: not always look to others, you have a lot to improve in yourself

thimble on her finger 67
Interpretation: criticism and gossip

tight bodice 36
Sense of the dream: bitterness and sorrow

have ring with agate stone on the finger 11
What does it mean: good omen for the family

sucking finger 12
Meaning of the dream: uncertainty

shearing the finger 70
Description: declining health

tight anus 31
Interpretation of the dream: someone deceives

point a finger 19
Translation: lack of discipline

hammered on the finger 66
Dream description: bad business

splinter in his finger 46
Meaning: problems in the family

shining on her finger 62
Translation of the dream: situation fairly quiet

tight cap 66
Interpretation: find difficulties to organize your schedule

middle finger 34
Sense of the dream: difficult relationships

pointing with his finger 72
What does it mean: loss of friends

bring jade (hard stone) to the finger 58
Meaning of the dream: luck in the game

have a splinter in your finger 48
Description: refund money

tight (wedding ceremony) 55
Interpretation of the dream: authorities

tight chest 3
Translation: Negative thoughts

pinkie 56
Dream description: Good news

tight sleeve 53
Meaning: to clarify misunderstandings

little finger crooked 77
Translation of the dream: heavy duty

fingertip 39
Interpretation: benevolence of superiors

tight trousers 40
Sense of the dream: lack of objectivity

not having a fingertip 77
What does it mean: lacks sensitivity

little finger 76
Meaning of the dream: superficiality of judgment

tight handcuffs 55
Description: unscrupulous actions

ring bone 10
Interpretation of the dream: next advantage

ring broken 58
Translation: dangerous decisions in family

narrow tunnel 13
Dream description: You encounter many obstacles

stealing ring 50
Meaning: failure of proposals

kiss the ring 82
Translation of the dream: return of a forgotten friend

put a ring 66
Interpretation: love relationship

get a ring 65
Sense of the dream: failed attempt at reconciliation

lost ring 19
What does it mean: discord in love

keychain ring 6
Meaning of the dream: winning the game