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Tickets forgotten. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tickets forgotten. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

marking tickets 90
Meaning of the dream: you will find many obstacles in your resolutions

tram driver that gives tickets 84
Description: new emotional ties

National lottery tickets 70
Interpretation of the dream: you'll get the right satisfaction

luggage forgotten 87
Translation: unbridled ambition

harmonium forgotten 39
Dream description: prosperity

harpsichord forgotten 32
Meaning: too your selfishness

Mandolin forgotten 43
Translation of the dream: tranquility in the family

ticket collector 26
Interpretation: sadness jealousy

ticket wishes 36
Sense of the dream: sociability reciprocated

fake bills 71
What does it mean: serious difficulties

forget 25
Meaning of the dream: little question to solve

crumple banknotes 25
Description: lies

ticket 29
Interpretation of the dream: beginning of a new path

ticket inspector 28
Translation: lack of skills in business

forget an order 47
Dream description: need of rest

forget an appointment 29
Meaning: inner balance

forget ingredients 30
Translation of the dream: watch out for the unexpected that could harm

forget a pack 62
Interpretation: stagnation in business

forget an object 74
Sense of the dream: indifference to others

ticket loving 22
What does it mean: concerns unjustified

season ticket 45
Meaning of the dream: great fortune

academy ticket 38
Description: strong negative emotions

forget about the clock 46
Interpretation of the dream: indolence and selfishness

bank ticket 90
Translation: imagination unreal

forget an address 28
Dream description: practical spirit

ticket for 7
Meaning: activities discontinuous

forget your umbrella 44
Translation of the dream: physical fatigue

charity ticket 72
Interpretation: stormy exchange of views

forget prudence 85
Sense of the dream: be careful not to get involved in a risky business

forget the rest 66
What does it mean: satisfaction by a young

present a ticket 42
Meaning of the dream: important commitments

forget a date 89
Description: love and well-being

lottery ticket 11
Interpretation of the dream: Failure in negotiations

theater ticket 41
Translation: sensitivity of mind

cinema ticket 81
Dream description: fortune

tram ticket 81
Meaning: happy marriage

see out the brand new banknotes 77
Translation of the dream: Traveling with danger fast and inherent dangers

forgetful 27
Interpretation: of tranquility desires

cash machine 44
Sense of the dream: feeling of not being understood

business cards 77
What does it mean: useful business relationship

thigh injury 33
Meaning of the dream: pains

love overlooked 53
Description: passionate nostalgia

lose banknote 18
Interpretation of the dream: It will hurt business

forgery of bills 58
Translation: offer sage advice

tracked 15
Dream description: desire to escape

fetched 53
Meaning: Unexpected Gift

make a mistake 86
Translation of the dream: compromises dangerous

observed 28
Interpretation: someone was suspicious of you

ticket office 32
Sense of the dream: hope of happiness for completely different

myosotis (flower) 13
What does it mean: good omen

dry stamp 61
Meaning of the dream: negative experience

killed exhibition 59
Description: lifelong friends