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Ticket on the bed. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream ticket on the bed. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ticket 29
Meaning of the dream: beginning of a new path

ticket for 7
Description: activities discontinuous

ticket loving 22
Interpretation of the dream: concerns unjustified

ticket wishes 36
Translation: sociability reciprocated

lottery ticket 11
Dream description: Failure in negotiations

bank ticket 90
Meaning: imagination unreal

theater ticket 41
Translation of the dream: sensitivity of mind

tram ticket 81
Interpretation: happy marriage

train ticket 66
Sense of the dream: tasks performed

ticket inspector 28
What does it mean: lack of skills in business

present a ticket 42
Meaning of the dream: important commitments

season ticket 45
Description: great fortune

ticket collector 26
Interpretation of the dream: sadness jealousy

ticket office 32
Translation: hope of happiness for completely different

academy ticket 38
Dream description: strong negative emotions

charity ticket 72
Meaning: stormy exchange of views

cinema ticket 81
Translation of the dream: fortune

fake ticket 90
Interpretation: desire for new knowledge

getting out of bed 49
Sense of the dream: bad intentions

to go to bed 22
What does it mean: amour

come down from the bed 4
Meaning of the dream: mild pain

bed 4
Description: rest, security

get out of bed 4
Interpretation of the dream: mild pain

old in bed 73
Translation: long-term projects

gravelly bed 79
Dream description: jealousy justified

lovers in bed 31
Meaning: prudence with neighbors

lean against the bed 31
Translation of the dream: Company risky

canopy bed 70
Interpretation: new ties

bed linen 43
Sense of the dream: sexual identity, body image and self-esteem

falling out of bed 6
What does it mean: Hypersensitivity

bugs in the bed 88
Meaning of the dream: danger of scam

covered bed 30
Description: declining health

going to bed with a man 50
Interpretation of the dream: disappointments and sorrows

pillow on the bed 2
Translation: false security

share a bed 63
Dream description: possibility of gains

sleeping in bed 3
Meaning: actions to prevent

girl in bed 40
Translation of the dream: family quarrels

iron bed 50
Interpretation: weak hopes

brass bed 74
Sense of the dream: good faith betrayed

strip the bed 6
What does it mean: intruders

make the bed 14
Meaning of the dream: strong character

bed sheet 3
Description: inheritance

get up late from bed 46
Interpretation of the dream: good opportunity missed

eat in bed 49
Translation: exaggerated modesty

crazy in bed 40
Dream description: jangled nerves

spider in the bed 39
Meaning: intransigence exaggerated

curl up on the bed 29
Translation of the dream: wounded pride

stay in bed 26
Interpretation: proposals fallacious

play a bed 75
Sense of the dream: faithfulness