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Three lions. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream three lions. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

lions 42
Meaning of the dream: friendship, protection for part of a large

Giraffe chased the lions 9
Description: important people to you mistreated

needle with thread 14
Interpretation of the dream: selfishness

thread a needle 38
Translation: infidelity

threshing wheat 68
Dream description: profitable business

threshing with straw 6
Meaning: honor deserved

lion claw 4
Translation of the dream: anguish of love


It is threatened by a beast 7
Interpretation: ambitions fulfilled

battalion 34
Sense of the dream: act of will

tail of a lion 25
What does it mean: new friends

lion's mane 71
Meaning of the dream: good deals

discord among brethren 37
Description: extravagant actions

thread stockings or cotton 9
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately mediocre

goat with horns that threat 4
Translation: intimidation

thresh sheaves 90
Dream description: wealth

thread 49
Meaning: Your travel short but frequent

colored thread 31
Translation of the dream: concerns inevitable

silver thread 25
Interpretation: false promises

gold thread 35
Sense of the dream: successful tiring

silk thread 30
What does it mean: dynamism accentuated

cotton thread 41
Meaning of the dream: marital conflicts

tangled thread 53
Description: need for caution

unravel a thread 30
Interpretation of the dream: discovery of secrets

wheat threshing 15
Translation: affections safe

lake threatening 62
Dream description: strenuous activity and negative

Lion 42
Meaning: a person of a certain rank, influential and prestigious is near


caged lion 36
Translation of the dream: breaking agreements

lion at the zoo 3
Interpretation: important protections

lion tamed 13
Sense of the dream: good and firm friendships

dead lion 54
What does it mean: lack of money

lion roaring 72
Meaning of the dream: health hazard

lion attacking 39
Description: vain ostentation

fight with a lion 46
Interpretation of the dream: uncertainty about what to do

kill the lion 22
Translation: Fortunately incoming

threatened by someone or something 77
Dream description: You find aid from enemies

lioness 42
Meaning: fortune family

bullion (gold) 35
Translation of the dream: falsehood

threaten 35
Interpretation: ambitions fulfilled

threatening words 33
Sense of the dream: small loss

threatening with a weapon 76
What does it mean: imprudence with consequences

threaten with a stick 62
Meaning of the dream: pessimism

threaten a man 56
Description: waste of money

threaten a woman 38
Interpretation of the dream: sick passenger

threaten a relative 67
Translation: lack of objectivity

gold bullion 20
Dream description: careless actions

pavilion 39
Meaning: good health

pavilion of an exhibition 70
Translation of the dream: win-win situation

threshing barn 6
Interpretation: making important

feel threatened 3
Sense of the dream: spirit cautious

medallion 47
What does it mean: think of your love

ears of lion or other beasts 21
Meaning of the dream: betrayal by enemies and jealous, we believe friends

postillion 6
Description: soon you ll get like new

earn a billion 14
Interpretation of the dream: hold open

lose a billion 24
Translation: you re exaggerating a small loss

win a billion 3
Dream description: paltry payout

have a million 90
Meaning: you are afraid of being robbed

losing a million 17
Translation of the dream: business disadvantageous

Knot the thread 10
Interpretation: disinterestedness

white thread 8
Sense of the dream: short trip

linen thread 59
What does it mean: interesting activities

suppress a rebellion 2
Meaning of the dream: sudden trip

Red thread 72
Description: desire for love

quell rebellions 90
Interpretation of the dream: imaginative ideas

threshold 15
Translation: emotional complications

marble threshold 13
Dream description: emotional complications

threshold wood 66
Meaning: lofty ideals

threshold route 15
Translation of the dream: bitterness and disappointment

threshold wet 82
Interpretation: uncompromising stance

wash the threshold 82
Sense of the dream: affection and consideration