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Thread on the skirt. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream thread on the skirt. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

white skirt 86
Meaning of the dream: joy and abandon

bloody skirt 2
Description: exaggerated pride

skirt 10
Interpretation of the dream: laziness, adversity

colorful skirt 15
Translation: want made

stained skirt 16
Dream description: chatter and gossip

wear skirt 52
Meaning: proposals to carefully consider

fold the skirt 84
Translation of the dream: missed opportunity

shorten a skirt 42
Interpretation: attitudes too undecided

tight skirt 66
Sense of the dream: disturbing thoughts

clean skirt 56
What does it mean: troublesome issues

skirt long 32
Meaning of the dream: discontent and momentary troubles

velvet skirt 74
Description: extravagant spending

skirt out of fashion 6
Interpretation of the dream: you regret the past

green skirt 67
Translation: invitation welcome

cotton skirt 17
Dream description: amorous conquest

silk skirt 12
Meaning: good position

try the skirt 76
Translation of the dream: overreact

colored skirt 19
Interpretation: argument with a woman

have white skirt 66
Sense of the dream: taste

thread 49
What does it mean: Your travel short but frequent

long skirt 32
Meaning of the dream: danger of deception

short skirt 69
Description: bad business

wool skirt 27
Interpretation of the dream: excessive criticism

unravel a thread 30
Translation: discovery of secrets

cotton thread 41
Dream description: marital conflicts

tangled thread 53
Meaning: need for caution

Red thread 72
Translation of the dream: desire for love

strong thread 58
Interpretation: hidden energy

thread stockings or cotton 9
Sense of the dream: Fortunately mediocre

gold thread 35
What does it mean: successful tiring

silver thread 25
Meaning of the dream: false promises

elastic thread 55
Description: someone in your life that bothers you

silk thread 30
Interpretation of the dream: dynamism accentuated

white thread 8
Translation: short trip

needle with thread 14
Dream description: selfishness

linen thread 59
Meaning: interesting activities

Knot the thread 10
Translation of the dream: disinterestedness

thread a needle 38
Interpretation: infidelity

colored thread 31
Sense of the dream: concerns inevitable

skein of thread 68
What does it mean: success in love

oyster on the rock 3
Meaning of the dream: jealousy and threads

climb on a rock 16
Description: careful with money

rock music 23
Interpretation of the dream: you have to be more spontaneous

rock concert 40
Translation: struggling to relate to others

build on a rock 17
Dream description: vivid imagination

He pees on 84
Meaning: thwarted love

needleful of gold wire 14
Translation of the dream: high hopes for the future

rock climbers 35
Interpretation: testimonies of affection

sick on stretchers 50
Sense of the dream: exploitation by friends

eagle on the emblem 12
What does it mean: correspondence with good news

bucket on the well 71
Meaning of the dream: displays of affection

Printing on leather 33
Description: amazing adventures

upon seeing insects 58
Interpretation of the dream: you ll get into trouble

engrave on wood 36
Translation: tiring work albeit with very positive results

paint on glass 38
Dream description: unwillingness

wear armour 42
Meaning: constant work

punches on the face 38
Translation of the dream: misguidance