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Thorns in the hands. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream thorns in the hands. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Pomegranate thorns 34
Meaning of the dream: solvable

blow in the hands 88
Description: You receive gifts

see thorns 19
Interpretation of the dream: bad neighborhoods

bring thorns in off 26
Translation: disease

thorns of bramble 17
Dream description: incomprehension affective

rose thorns 5
Meaning: ups and downs

rose without thorns 90
Translation of the dream: unreal situation

crown of thorns 70
Interpretation: missteps

see things change into thorns 1
Sense of the dream: great torment

see burning torches in the hands of others 71
What does it mean: You discover the misdeeds that they will find their punishment, for how cunning you take to avoid it

beaten on the hands 76
Meaning of the dream: anxiety secret

chilblains on hands 15
Description: deception by a woman

tingling in hands 69
Interpretation of the dream: money coming

Roses without thorns 1
Translation: Family Welfare

hoe in the hands of a farmer 40
Dream description: active life, with excellent business results

light off in the hands of others 89
Meaning: Your enemies are not, hide the fact remains occult and evil

wound on the hands 45
Translation of the dream: processing projects

blowing on his hands 35
Interpretation: sudden fright

fall in the hands of a robber 5
Sense of the dream: you ll lose some of your loved ones

light burning, you see in the hands of others 3
What does it mean: the evil done to you will be discovered, the punishment will be performed, and can neither escape nor hide your enemies

crush with hands 54
Meaning of the dream: Excessive passion

limestone with hands 46
Description: sure way

eat with your hands 72
Interpretation of the dream: wrath

scar on his hands 81
Translation: waste of money

clean hands 67
Dream description: conclusion of a deal

gout disease of the hands 17
Meaning: He dreamed by a young terror panic personal danger. He dreamed of an old languor and misery

dirty hands 73
Translation of the dream: risk of theft

bandaged hands 26
Interpretation: uncertainty and indecision

trembling hands 18
Sense of the dream: selfish concerns

falling into the hands of a murderess 87
What does it mean: concerns from relatives loved ones

bloody hands 81
Meaning of the dream: perhaps you have done something unclean

nails of hands 62
Description: duties to perform

calloused hands 53
Interpretation of the dream: challenging tasks

Stake hands 43
Translation: small regret

flapping hands 13
Dream description: decisive support

golden hands 18
Meaning: practical achievements

clean your hands 40
Translation of the dream: happiness in family

smacking of hands 3
Interpretation: Good news

flour the hands 46
Sense of the dream: good business

warm up your hands 55
What does it mean: dangerous fantasies

arms without hands 53
Meaning of the dream: marriage with the person whose appearance or quality will be agreeable in proportion of the wealth of the gift

hands 5
Description: Fortunately incoming

imprint of hands 1
Interpretation of the dream: mediocre performance at work

killers fall into their hands 2
Translation: lose money in speculation or illness of a family member