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Third atomic bomb. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream third atomic bomb. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

atomic bomb 56
Meaning of the dream: aspiration to command

atomic physics 66
Description: big news

Atomic exploding 53

Atomic energy 52
Translation: soon you find yourself your balance

bomb 48
Dream description: cancellation

throw the bomb 81
Meaning: hopes ill-founded

bomb falling 60
Translation of the dream: sense of measure

bomb explodes 66
Interpretation: lively conversations

unexploded bomb 25
Sense of the dream: aid to young people

Bomb the wall 76
What does it mean: obstacles to be faced

build the bomb 21
Meaning of the dream: impediments to relatives

find the bomb 73
Description: rash judgments

Defuse the bomb 56
Interpretation of the dream: aid to encourage

tool bomb 87
Translation: you will begin an arduous

plastic bomb 8

plutonium bomb 48

uranium bomb 10

artificial bomb 53

bomb kills 90

Bomb with clock 45

bomb plane 73

Paper bomb 90

gas bomb 68

bomb in Cannon 29

bomb to air 35

bomb a hospital 64

bomb a port 72

bomb a village 82

bomb a church 56

bomb a fortress 10

bomb a ship 57

mafia bomb 45

car bomb 77

tear gas bomb 18
Translation: need for prudence in writing

airplane bombing 42
Dream description: reversals of fortune

bombastic 39
Meaning: scruples exaggerated

bombastic statement 43
Translation of the dream: lack of control

bombastic speech 4
Interpretation: intransigence over

bombing 22
Sense of the dream: heavy responsibility

aerial bombardment 61
What does it mean: exaggerated pride

naval bombardment 75
Meaning of the dream: genius decisions

bombing away 31
Description: astuteness in business

bombing near 45
Interpretation of the dream: hidden possibilities of success

bombardment of a city 5
Translation: desire for perfection

the bombing of a house 66
Dream description: call for decisive action

bombing on the railway station 60
Meaning: affirmation of one's originality

bombing of a bridge 14
Translation of the dream: attitudes too unscrupulous

plane or bomber 20
Interpretation: bad news

alteration burning thirst 20
Sense of the dream: sadness

thirst round (desert) 64
What does it mean: you ll go a lot better in your next business

quench the thirst by drinking 13
Meaning of the dream: desires fulfilled

bump of thirst 60
Description: good success

bombard 71
Interpretation of the dream: cancellation

bomber (airplane) 29
Translation: aid

see a thirsty 21
Dream description: altruism

give water to a thirsty 7
Meaning: you are generous

anatomical cabinet 71
Translation of the dream: joy

suffering from thirst 40
Interpretation: reconciliation with relatives

bombing of the King 30
Sense of the dream: excessive authoritarianism

fortress bombed 39
What does it mean: concerns for the future

burst of bombs 31
Meaning of the dream: insightful

thirst 33
Description: dissatisfaction

be thirsty 89
Interpretation of the dream: risk of disease

quench thirst 71
Translation: dynamism

suffer from thirst 21
Dream description: excesses and disorder

submarine bombed 67
Meaning: violent projects

lanky thirst 22

Alpine bombing 90

bombed a cemetery 64

bomber bombing 35

Bomber falling 65

bomber struck 60

satisfy their thirst 36

languish thirst 15

ship bombed 18

third son 61

bomber 38

bombards route 66

bombard a plane 15

bombard a coast 59

bomber arrested 78

bomber sentenced 19

thirsty army 28

die from thirst 4

oil tanker bombed 18

thirteenth 27
Meaning: transitory economic difficulties