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Thin lips. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream thin lips. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

thin 58
Meaning of the dream: futile waiting for an event

thin arms 27
Description: thanks

dressing thin 37
Interpretation of the dream: extravagant spending

cheeks thin 12
Translation: sudden adversity

thin cigar 74
Dream description: overcome difficulties

thin eyebrows 33
Meaning: little success

thin string 54
Translation of the dream: perplexity and indecision

thin cloth 61
Interpretation: waste of money

crochet thin 36
Sense of the dream: great concern

thin man 1
What does it mean: obstinacy

thin capon 24

cheeks thin and pale 29
Description: misery

omelets (gastronomy) thin 16
Interpretation of the dream: misery and disease

lips 39
Translation: deception found

lips with lipstick 32
Dream description: deception uncovered

chapped lips 3
Meaning: health hazard

kiss on the lips 31
Translation of the dream: ups and downs of mood

cleft lips 54
Interpretation: uncertain future

kissing lips 74
Sense of the dream: joyfulness

Red lips 63
What does it mean: good health

tighten your lips 68
Meaning of the dream: twinge of conscience

burning lips 39

rouge lips 3

licking lips 8

herpes lips 1
Dream description: Your love life will be intense

red lips pale 76
Meaning: weakness

red lips wounds 54
Translation of the dream: illness or even betrayal

biting red lips 87
Interpretation: repentance

red lips dry 31
Sense of the dream: hard time

kiss red lips (woman) 74
What does it mean: cheerfulness

kiss red lips (of man) 61
Meaning of the dream: astuteness

tear down something using an ax 1
Description: unexpected losses

accept someone or something 17
Interpretation of the dream: right now your excellent mood

bathing water 6
Translation: possible loss

trouble breathing 6
Dream description: freedom from envy

halo on clothing 90
Meaning: bad conscience

abuse anything 77
Translation of the dream: too much account of themselves

shorten anything 67
Interpretation: It is before a small loss

see anything grow up 57
Sense of the dream: Your well-being is growing slowly

things not fresh or sour 36
What does it mean: small disputes

adorn themselves with new things 13
Meaning of the dream: great good news waiting for you within a very short time

fix something on the wall 21
Description: you will be put to shame

grab anything 9
Interpretation of the dream: you bragged to your skills

the impression of something expand 85
Translation: good news for letter

anxiety of something 23
Dream description: overcome their enemies

see set something 12
Meaning: suffering infidelity