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The walls of churches. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream the walls of churches. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

paint churches 88
Meaning of the dream: good will and good ideas

painting walls 85
Description: happy intuition

build churches or other 90
Interpretation of the dream: joyfulness

fortress walls 48
Translation: lack of confidence

whitewashing walls 39
Dream description: good relationships with young people

papering walls 45
Meaning: sudden decision

bursar climbing the walls 4
Translation of the dream: term relationships

advertising on the walls 28
Interpretation: lively discussion

a walled port 3
Sense of the dream: responsibility to face

Wall 11
What does it mean: unexpected difficulties arise, obstacles, difficult to overcome

walled house 37
Meaning of the dream: inner conflict

walled doors 2
Description: defend yourself and bite the bullet

walled treasure 5
Interpretation of the dream: speculation wrong

height of a wall 66
Translation: morbid friendships

painting a wall 56
Dream description: rebellion environment

jump from a wall 23
Meaning: fear inconsistent

knockdown wall 17
Translation of the dream: spontaneity criticized

remove part of the wall 45
Interpretation: unjustified resentment

church restoration 31
Sense of the dream: small victories

Augustinian monastery 7
What does it mean: willingness fragile

ecclesiastical cap 70
Meaning of the dream: laziness and dissatisfaction

Chancellor ecclesiastical 27
Description: unhappiness

Dean ecclesiastical 54
Interpretation of the dream: Luckily the game

treasurer ecclesiastical 22
Translation: important protections

scraping a wall 6
Dream description: return of a loved one

yearbook ecclesiastical 27
Meaning: envy discovery

banner ecclesiastical 4
Translation of the dream: success and well-being

unripe pomegranate 76
Interpretation: illness or sorrow caused by bad people

unripe watermelon 50
Sense of the dream: sacrifices to deal

ripe grapes 6
What does it mean: realizable dreams

wall window 8
Meaning of the dream: lack of practicality

ripe fruit 59
Description: new perspectives on the horizon

unripe fruit 41
Interpretation of the dream: friendship poorly paid

barking a wall 43
Translation: measures to be taken

sketch a wall 17
Dream description: momentary embarrassment

defacing a wall 37
Meaning: reversal of fortune

Bomb the wall 76
Translation of the dream: obstacles to be faced

whitewash a wall 17
Interpretation: you have new ideas

opening of the wall 11
Sense of the dream: someone spy

crawling along a wall 85
What does it mean: contrasts with the partner

landslide wall 49
Meaning of the dream: great possibilities

twining the wall 2
Description: with patience you reach your goal

see unripe fruits 55
Interpretation of the dream: many good and successful business to focus in your activities

up against a wall 18
Translation: solution of a problem

wall under construction 28
Dream description: significant improvement in business

eat unripe fruit 89
Meaning: unexpected pleasure

climb a wall 34
Translation of the dream: obstacles overcome

Wall surrounded by water 78
Interpretation: penalty

Abbot comes to us 31
Sense of the dream: insincerity

Abbess in church 84
What does it mean: interesting news

felling of trees 15
Meaning of the dream: slander

embellishing a church 84
Description: setback