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The sad puppy. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream the sad puppy. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

puppy 39
Meaning of the dream: Love for children

find and get a puppy 56
Description: you adopt a child

sick puppy 43
Interpretation of the dream: a mild disease may strike your child

puppy giraffe 74
Translation: need for new knowledge

raising a puppy 35
Dream description: bond happy

sad clown 45
Meaning: lack of communication

party sad 83
Translation of the dream: tension in the family

sad day 6
Interpretation: Good news

sad night 81
Sense of the dream: character suggestible

sad eyes 47
What does it mean: aid to be granted

think about sad things 13
Meaning of the dream: circumstances to be exploited

sad tale 65
Description: inevitable change

sad for a man 12
Interpretation of the dream: personal affirmation

sad reminder 8
Translation: affectionate collaboration

widower sad 2
Dream description: confused and pessimism

sad face 46
Meaning: strong will

sad carnival 54
Translation of the dream: unlucky in love

sad winter 3
Interpretation: you'll get great consideration

sad bear 56
Sense of the dream: big problems we'd like to get rid

sad atmosphere 84
What does it mean: wealth

sad circumstance 34
Meaning of the dream: many enemies, because of your pride

cheer sad people 60
Description: happy new possibilities

breastfeed puppies 70
Interpretation of the dream: bad omens

beast with puppies 38
Translation: exaggerated optimism

saddlebag full 21
Dream description: avarice

bloodhound with puppies 65
Meaning: trouble from letters and writings

wooden puppet 16
Translation of the dream: cheerfulness justified

puppet wax 90
Interpretation: demonstration of gratitude

recitation of puppets 77
Sense of the dream: organizational capacity

packsaddle 65
What does it mean: you ll be rich soon

puppet 48
Meaning of the dream: cheerfulness

kennel with puppies 39
Description: devoted friends

see or do a puppet 77
Interpretation of the dream: snares of woman

palisade 71
Translation: short and unexpected obstacles in the projects then there will be a clearing

meet palisade 7
Dream description: hurdle

overtake palisade 63
Meaning: success of an enterprise

breaking palisade 42
Translation of the dream: ill will

designed puppet 48
Interpretation: physical fatigue

puppet carved 9
Sense of the dream: complications and troubles of all kinds

puppets 1
What does it mean: subordinates, zealous in domestic production of the acts of these puppets

palisades 24
Meaning of the dream: happy obstacle and aberrations youth

break or surpass palisades 42
Description: certain triumph

be a puppet 62
Interpretation of the dream: humiliation

the puppet 11
Translation: love making decisions

saddened 89
Dream description: jealousy and intrigue

woman saddened 80
Meaning: jealousy and intrigue

the mother saddened 16
Translation of the dream: unexpected encounters