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The postman with the pack. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream the postman with the pack. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

postman delivering a parcel 81
Meaning of the dream: expectations disappointed

be a postman 9
Description: you communicate good news to a friend who is waiting for you

postman 11
Interpretation of the dream: sudden arrival and welcome of a distant relative, who is very fond

pack books 72
Translation: ability to maintain and organize aspects of your life

pack furniture 18
Dream description: love or friendship that ends

postman at the door 14
Meaning: big news

pack medicine 6
Translation of the dream: good wishes

postman delivering mail 14
Interpretation: trip likely

pack glasses 47
Sense of the dream: stressful time

pack paintings 26
What does it mean: important developments

seal a pack 22
Meaning of the dream: being quiet

linen pack 38
Description: lasting friendships

pack china 46
Interpretation of the dream: innovations

forget a pack 62
Translation: stagnation in business

Open a pack 87
Dream description: trouble passing

pack of thieves 29
Meaning: New Jobs

pack of objects 56
Translation of the dream: the rich sorrow; Joy to the poor; women sonship

pack nougat 78
Interpretation: news from people far away

pack of military 35
Sense of the dream: vocation thwarted

pack 78
What does it mean: crucial meeting

pack dishes 25
Meaning of the dream: crucial meeting

pack sweets 64
Description: hidden enemies

pack ice floe 55
Interpretation of the dream: novelty

pack of letters 2
Translation: agreements

pack of soaps 39
Dream description: doubts and torments

pack of cotton 62
Meaning: clear judgment and net

pack of notebooks 32
Translation of the dream: sincere affection

send a pack 30
Interpretation: reliable information

pack of chocolates 59
Sense of the dream: disagreements with family

pack of sweets 6
What does it mean: escalation of a dispute

raise a pack 16
Meaning of the dream: meetings with important people

pack weapons 41
Description: need distension

pack of fairs 18
Interpretation of the dream: thoughts of revenge

pack of newspapers 78
Translation: nastiness of a friend

pack of rabbits 76
Dream description: new relationships

pack of peasants 90
Meaning: liberation from weights

pack of pigeons 56
Translation of the dream: prosperity and gain

pack of mules 64
Interpretation: change surprise

pack of birds 79
Sense of the dream: nervous breakdown

pack of dogs 6
What does it mean: new openings in love

steal a pack 59
Meaning of the dream: hard fight

pack leader 63
Description: there is something that terrifies you

stealing a pack 59
Interpretation of the dream: hard struggle for life

package of letters 2
Translation: Agreement Reached

pack of cigarettes 78
Dream description: proposals faltering

Wolf Pack 60
Meaning: dangerous business

pack up 26
Translation of the dream: a major problem will be resolved definitively and positive

package of books 37
Interpretation: coldness of relations

pack of cards 54
Sense of the dream: helpful tips

discarding a packet 54
What does it mean: secret pain

losing a packet 33
Meaning of the dream: achieving a goal

to put a stamp on a package 86
Description: help Wanted

packet of sugar 78
Interpretation of the dream: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm