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The pasta was the ants. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream the pasta was the ants. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

ants 77
Meaning of the dream: little success due lack of commitment

ants street 13
Description: unjust accusations

cool pasta 77
Interpretation of the dream: pleasures and satisfactions

boil the pasta 7
Translation: negative issues in love

ants that bite 69
Dream description: serious concerns

ants with wings 50
Meaning: negligence in work

ants in a row 90
Translation of the dream: work pay

Ants in the house 45
Interpretation: discussions and problems

ants on the food 22
Sense of the dream: trouble from relatives

kill ants 71
What does it mean: economic disadvantages

ants on the person 13
Meaning of the dream: danger of leakage

soup pasta 80
Description: loss to the game

pasta with sauce 10
Interpretation of the dream: to avoid provocations

fresh pasta 21
Translation: great satisfaction

baked pasta 58
Dream description: fruitful collaboration

weigh pasta 64
Meaning: missed appointment

scratch pasta 68
Translation of the dream: projects to be reviewed

pasta for noodles 3
Interpretation: you want to undertake something new

season pasta 11
Sense of the dream: changing character

pasta with eggs 9
What does it mean: dissatisfaction and sadness

pasta with butter 75
Meaning of the dream: benevolent people

pasta with clams 72
Description: fickle mood

pasta with potatoes 38
Interpretation of the dream: caution and watch out for enemies

shaped pasta 16
Translation: stasis in the affective

pasta with corn 12
Dream description: recognized merit

pasta fettuccine 36
Meaning: momentary satisfaction

painter pasta 40
Translation of the dream: good company

export pasta 84
Interpretation: wary of friendly person

pasta in broth 3
Sense of the dream: labors in the work

workshop of pasta 11
What does it mean: payout of hostilities

pot with pasta 76
Meaning of the dream: outstanding issues that will be resolved

drain pasta 26
Description: money refund

pasta 19
Interpretation of the dream: healthy intuition

pasta cooker 9
Translation: you have so many commitments in this period

fill of pasta 8
Dream description: tendency to pessimism

pasta factory 86
Meaning: narrowly

timbale of pasta 66
Translation of the dream: generous impulses

forkful of pasta 56
Interpretation: misunderstandings and delays

almond paste 56
Sense of the dream: understanding in love

flour paste 59
What does it mean: quiet life

mixing dough 66
Meaning of the dream: eventful period

pasta factory steam 3
Description: good intentions

fidgety as he was 20
Interpretation of the dream: lots vain with your lot

Christian era 12
Translation: family quarrels

Pasta with tomato 6
Dream description: extravagant spending

puff pastry 1
Meaning: prudence with relatives

Bread dough 42
Translation of the dream: combination cheated

flatten the dough 67
Interpretation: leisure and zest for life

dough for pancakes 64
Sense of the dream: popularity and success

dough for donuts 65
What does it mean: something or someone you admire

sugarcoated dough 55
Meaning of the dream: new initiatives