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The laughter of passengers. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream the laughter of passengers. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

merry laughter 43
Meaning of the dream: chatter

laughter of children 74
Description: comforting news

infectious laughter 8
Interpretation of the dream: devoted friendship

transatlantic passengers 33
Translation: disharmony in the family

laughter of women 22
Dream description: mood changes

laughter men 13
Meaning: new hope

wagon with passengers 35
Translation of the dream: sentimental adventure

boat with passengers 34
Interpretation: new resources

vulgar laugh 9
Sense of the dream: restless thoughts

hysterical laughter 46
What does it mean: misadventure unwelcome

ship with passengers 33
Meaning of the dream: disharmony in family life

laugh 3
Description: punished pride

roar with laughter 40
Interpretation of the dream: repressed desires

19 - Smorfia classic: laugh 19

passenger ship 33
Dream description: disharmony in the family

laugh in someone's face 7
Meaning: relevant solutions

laugh to hear 10
Translation of the dream: ambiguous situation

begin to laugh 44
Interpretation: great honor

lover laughing 9
Sense of the dream: dangerous indiscretions

beautiful laughing 25
What does it mean: unusual happenings

burst out laughing 87
Meaning of the dream: prevention to overcome

laugh with friends 19
Description: unpleasant news

laugh and have fun with their friends 12
Interpretation of the dream: next break in relations

passenger love 82
Translation: Small sudden losses

girl laughs 11
Dream description: unforeseen expenses

Abbess laughing 82
Meaning: new projects

laugh openly 22
Translation of the dream: secret fears

angel laughing 24
Interpretation: your riches are set to increase

old laughing 77
Sense of the dream: happiness and longevity

want to laugh 40
What does it mean: Critical to Avoid

woman laughing 42
Meaning of the dream: bad reputation

caravan of travelers 8
Description: harmful friendships

smile of complacency 42
Interpretation of the dream: meeting unwelcome

famine rice 69
Translation: false premonitions

goer 75
Dream description: dangerous presumption

travelers 32
Meaning: failed attempt at reconciliation

bale of rice 18
Translation of the dream: solicitude of relatives

stirrup strap 6
Interpretation: you re too violent

travelers pigeons 13
Sense of the dream: Pleasant surprise

mocking smile 66
What does it mean: useless discussions

travelers discussing 28
Meaning of the dream: boring meetings

laughing mouth 2
Description: clumsy actions

commercial travelers 13
Interpretation of the dream: physical fatigue

make laugh 11
Translation: strong contrasts

Travelers who eat 2
Dream description: mishaps negligible

bus travelers 69
Meaning: new cycle of life

Travelers who bicker 45
Translation of the dream: waste of energy

involuntary manslaughter 68
Interpretation: aggressiveness

ancestor laughing 28
Sense of the dream: new ideas to improve

devil laughing 35
What does it mean: persecution of enemies

crazy laughing 78
Meaning of the dream: projects to be postponed

lighthearted moment 43
Description: positive period

mock albino 72
Interpretation of the dream: punished pride

contrada laughing 90
Translation: confidentiality

laughing for joy 81
Dream description: delicate situation to be resolved

baby laughing 14
Meaning: meandering thoughts