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The dead passing cards. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream the dead passing cards. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

be passing 19
Meaning of the dream: concerns for the future

disease passing 27
Description: complicated problems

passing soldiers 9
Interpretation of the dream: joys family

passing through a field 2
Translation: shots of anger harmful

cards 3
Dream description: good faith

alignment of cards 45
Meaning: excessive tiredness

lover cards 48
Translation of the dream: introspection

envelope with cards 16
Interpretation: awards undeserved

playing cards 71
Sense of the dream: trouble and contrasts

be making cards 74
What does it mean: novelty coming

make cards 83
Meaning of the dream: initiatives guess

Neapolitan cards 18
Description: malice and slander

French cards 35
Interpretation of the dream: selfish concerns

give cards 88
Translation: Councils concerned

cards in disorder 75
Dream description: material improvements

post cards 16
Meaning: small problems to solve

deck of cards 61
Translation of the dream: need for prudence in business

pack of cards 54
Interpretation: helpful tips

queen of cards 22
Sense of the dream: misplaced trust

shuffle the cards 14
What does it mean: passing infatuation

subscription cards 59
Meaning of the dream: interesting proposals

order cards 86
Description: unnecessary complications

numbered cards 17
Interpretation of the dream: attractive offers

send cards 60
Translation: long-term projects

win at cards 30
Dream description: pride and exhibitionism

business cards 77
Meaning: useful business relationship

plenty of cards 36

stacks of various cards 45

aeronautical cards 2

from game cards 52

Roman cards 22

Jack of cards 40

play cards 81

cheat the cards 64

guessing cards 66

guess with cards 1

win cards 38

drying of cards 18

string of cards 76

trump playing cards 19
What does it mean: friendly meetings

dead 47
Meaning of the dream: love of a great lady or inheritance succession

see a dead 90
Description: serious concerns

be dead 10
Interpretation of the dream: good health

see dead 57
Translation: joy

old dead 34
Dream description: next advantages

dead abbot 11
Meaning: dangers

Abbess dead 33
Translation of the dream: reversal of fortune

dead lamb 9
Interpretation: protection

heron dead 56
Sense of the dream: sweeping changes

halberdier dead 45
What does it mean: small ailment

dead lark 6
Meaning of the dream: disagreement in the family

dead lover 48
Description: enthusiasm for new knowledge

ambulance with a dead 90
Interpretation of the dream: physical force

eel dead 67
Translation: waste of money

Dead animals 89
Dream description: precision work

appearance of dead 46
Meaning: concentration and profits

eagle dead 70
Translation of the dream: loss of prestige

gunner dead 67
Interpretation: prosperity

dead donkey 9
Sense of the dream: small differences

vulture dead 31
What does it mean: concessions to do

dead whale 74
Meaning of the dream: disagreements with family

dead baby 14
Description: morbid thoughts

coffin with the dead 17
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous changes

stretcher with a dead 50
Translation: obstinacy in resolutions

dead woodcock 70
Dream description: unscrupulousness

undertaker with a dead 64
Meaning: confidentiality feelings

dead animal 14
Translation of the dream: restless spirit

dresses dead 73
Interpretation: sad omen for future days

accompany a dead 37
Sense of the dream: a deal gone very wrong

bury dead 49
What does it mean: Fortunately the work

suede dead 83
Meaning of the dream: developments to let ripen

dead canary 90
Description: opportunities to grasp

kid dead 50
Interpretation of the dream: fluke

goldfinch dead 47
Translation: disappointment passing

Carmelite dead 19
Dream description: sick passenger

dead horse 51
Meaning: winnings and windfalls

mullet dead 90
Translation of the dream: gossip and rumors

ashes of dead 49
Interpretation: waste of energy

cicada dead 84
Sense of the dream: painful disappointments

dead boar 75
What does it mean: skill and luck