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The color blue aviation. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream the color blue aviation. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

see the color blue 64
Meaning of the dream: happy omen

color blue 84
Description: dangerous fall

civil aviation 59

Captain of aviation 29

blue dress 51
Dream description: nearby a woman

blue flower 63
Meaning: lucky in love

blue sky 43
Translation of the dream: extraordinary meetings

blue sign 1
Interpretation: birth of a child

blue eyes 41
Sense of the dream: good news and expectations

blue bottle 35

blue bow 88

apron blue 29

blue typeface 45

blue muslin 67

wearing blue apron 38
Dream description: womanish chatter

light blue colour 44

color 32
Translation of the dream: personal associations and relationships

to color 31
Interpretation: you have a lot of imagination

hair color 38
Sense of the dream: threads dangerous

White color 16
What does it mean: good health

Red color 26
Meaning of the dream: happy relationships

yellow color 18
Description: sadness passing

green color 33
Interpretation of the dream: hopes attractive

Celestial color 58
Translation: sorrows

color a drawing 46
Dream description: your imagination makes you see things different from what they really are

color a story 55
Meaning: not just dream to succeed

moat Color 37
Translation of the dream: happy memories

lilac color 87
Interpretation: romance

Overseas color 10
Sense of the dream: long-term commitments

matt color 46
What does it mean: payments that are late

Brown color 71
Meaning of the dream: sentimentalism

color black 32
Description: sadness

fish of different color 17
Interpretation of the dream: growth of disease

Color sketches 40

Color apparatus 5

waxed color 15

Color films 47

color gallon 80

color saffron 9

scarlet dress of this color 1
What does it mean: dignity, power, great authority

color pale, yellow or leaden 31
Meaning of the dream: next illness, fever long and dangerous

colorful dress 60
Description: realizations

colored bathrobe 21
Interpretation of the dream: envies

Cologne 18
Translation: sentimental conquests

watercolor 11
Dream description: unnecessary waiting

see a watercolor 66
Meaning: unnecessary waiting

paint a watercolor 25
Translation of the dream: late news

buy watercolor 59
Interpretation: ambition

sell a watercolor 15
Sense of the dream: justifiable doubts

give away a watercolor 4
What does it mean: excessive shyness

hang a watercolor 58
Meaning of the dream: advice given in bad faith

mix colors 40
Description: being unstable

colored towel 71
Interpretation of the dream: opposition to rivals

colored glass 44
Translation: great imagination

colored sleeve 44
Dream description: hopes unreasonable

colored socks 44
Meaning: business cheated

colored shirts 51
Translation of the dream: fluke

colored shirt 11
Interpretation: changes in family

canary colored 16
Sense of the dream: wounded pride

colored vest 55
What does it mean: external protection

colored hood 72
Meaning of the dream: exuberance sentimental

colorful hat 67
Description: sudden changes

colored paper 64
Interpretation of the dream: danger of hostilities

colored rags 89
Translation: forces decreasing

colored wax 54
Dream description: spirit dreamer

match colored 79
Meaning: new hope

colored candle 68
Translation of the dream: pleasant meeting

tricolor cockade 90
Interpretation: sudden decisions

colored collar 14
Sense of the dream: nervousness accentuated

colony 22
What does it mean: sentimental conquests

marine colony 48
Meaning of the dream: trust conquered

penal colony 40
Description: insolence by addicts

go colony 55
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen expenses

send their children in the colony 27
Translation: pension and savings

colonel 25
Dream description: benefits from work

colonel in full uniform 7
Meaning: benefits from work

Colonel commanding 81
Translation of the dream: new ties

colonel to field 6
Interpretation: boredom and melancholy

Colonel riding 74
Sense of the dream: business trip

Colonel in war 39
What does it mean: momentary discouragement

Colonel who greets 15
Meaning of the dream: frantic activity