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Tell softly. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tell softly. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

talking softly 11
Meaning of the dream: enforceable rights

calling softly 64
Description: need for waivers

speak softly 35
Interpretation of the dream: gossip and slander

tell falsehood 67
Translation: speeches malicious and devious

tell misfortunes 61
Dream description: advantageous conclusion of a deal

to say 72
Meaning: small financial losses

say a lesson 77
Translation of the dream: suffering from injustice

say hypocrisy 76
Interpretation: benevolence won

force you to say yes 64
Sense of the dream: tendency to vice

tell a dream 32
What does it mean: work sterile

tell an adventure 46
Meaning of the dream: Hidden Dangers

say their opinion 19
Description: next gains

say goodbye 26
Interpretation of the dream: favors

say with violence 83
Translation: waste of money

in a low voice 66
Dream description: useful meetings

tell lies 88
Meaning: financial difficulties

pass slowly 3
Translation of the dream: indecision harmful

say novena 65
Interpretation: support received

to say jokes 10
Sense of the dream: ambition and selfishness

say Mass 26
What does it mean: heritage in view

read quietly 48
Meaning of the dream: News coming soon

say lie for mercy 35
Description: Safety obtained

deafening voice 52
Interpretation of the dream: lasting ties

say with cunning 3
Translation: fake friends

tell their facts 2
Dream description: painful isolation

say prayers 17
Meaning: health and happiness

tell the truth 30
Translation of the dream: good opportunities

tell a lie or falsehood 75
Interpretation: you will have a friend that you will do very well

voice 8
Sense of the dream: Message from the realm of the unconscious or spiritual

low tide 52
What does it mean: disease

low force 47
Meaning of the dream: wish come true

say the rosary 46
Description: victory over enemies

male voice 12
Interpretation of the dream: events and achievements

dull voice 84
Translation: rudeness and arrogance

trailing voice 62
Dream description: small defeat

hoarse voice 61
Meaning: attitudes too undecided

strident voice 2
Translation of the dream: useful information

muffled voice 2
Interpretation: someone wants to hinder

imitate the voice 15
Sense of the dream: poor luck

strong voice 34
What does it mean: happy hours

shrill voice 90
Meaning of the dream: moodiness passenger

emotional voice 57
Description: financial trouble

high or low tide 11
Interpretation of the dream: fortune in businesses

say goodbye Advocate 13
Translation: sudden change

say goodbye to neighbors 68
Dream description: danger of delays

say goodbye to the doctor 25
Meaning: unhappy passion

nasal voice 47
Translation of the dream: absurd claims

raise your voice 78
Interpretation: false insinuations

lose your voice 52
Sense of the dream: chatter

delicate voice 11
What does it mean: aggressive intentions

its voice heard 10
Meaning of the dream: dangerous head shots

false entry 51
Description: unexpected support

baby item 1
Interpretation of the dream: long-term projects

monk who says mass 26
Translation: difficult character