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Teeth hurt. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream teeth hurt. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

teeth hurt 41
Meaning of the dream: postponements and delays

to hurt 29
Description: painful disappointments

teeth 4
Interpretation of the dream: symbol of sexual power

hurt the beast 17
Translation: thwarted love

hurt by the sword 12
Dream description: projects vanished

hurt with the gun 42
Meaning: deceptions and sadness

hurt with a gun 11
Translation of the dream: dangerous trip


hurt for honor 77
Interpretation: cunning speculation

feign hurt 79
Sense of the dream: greater dynamism

hurt the larynx 43
What does it mean: clashes of views with your loved one

consenting to hurt 17

robbed hurt 30

hurt lover 49

boyfriend hurt 81

brother hurt 24

hurt the body 24

hurt the hand 76

hurt husband 19

general hurt 50

gymnastic hurt 84

hunchback hurt 55

inflated to hurt 32

lip hurt 11

feet hurt 90

Pope hurt 88

heel hurt 88


beautiful teeth 35
Translation of the dream: gradual improvement

bad teeth 20
Interpretation: misunderstandings in family

white teeth 1
Sense of the dream: lucky fate

Yellow teeth 56
What does it mean: loss of relatives or friends

fake teeth 35
Meaning of the dream: lack of sincerity

teeth of animals 90
Description: good health

brush your teeth 1
Interpretation of the dream: donations from relatives

long teeth 38
Translation: depression and melancholy

false teeth 32
Dream description: professional problems

eradicate more teeth 33
Meaning: difficult situations

talking between his teeth 24
Translation of the dream: vanity wound

comb with all teeth 30
Interpretation: business difficult to solve

clean teeth 70
Sense of the dream: good new home

headache of teeth 90
What does it mean: disease

rake without teeth 80
Meaning of the dream: lost happiness

cut with teeth 16
Description: threat of damage

brush teeth 10
Interpretation of the dream: emotional bonds to strengthen

rip off your teeth 26
Translation: collapse of your security

sick of teeth 5

black teeth 14

perfect teeth 88

splice teeth 44

Fluxion of teeth 35

rising teeth 35

hurt or shoulder pain 78
Meaning of the dream: Next disagree with relatives

losing his false teeth 15
Description: measures to be taken

comb missing teeth 18
Interpretation of the dream: fill in a complex situation

feel hurt or pain in body parts 54
Translation: long health

give wine to a teetotaler 58
Dream description: not involve other people in the way you live

callus that hurts 54
Meaning: a good chance

dentures that hurts 9
Translation of the dream: contrasts and differences

throat hurts 26
Interpretation: profitable sales

It hurts his tummy 14
Sense of the dream: momentary difficulties

Barber that hurts 54

scratch that hurts 90