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Tattooed on his shin. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tattooed on his shin. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

embellishing a church 84
Meaning of the dream: setback

threshing wheat 68
Description: profitable business

threshing with straw 6
Interpretation of the dream: honor deserved

fishing lover 4
Translation: inventive spirit

go fishing 9
Dream description: missteps avoided

fishing boat 90
Meaning: excitement exaggerated

Boat Fishing 89
Translation of the dream: emotional character

washing of clothes 79
Interpretation: insecurity

fishing tools 5
Sense of the dream: awaits loss in your business

furnishing see a rich decoration 82
What does it mean: aid

brushing her hair 88
Meaning of the dream: melancholy

punishing children 18
Description: long-term commitments

fishing club 11
Interpretation of the dream: danger of deceit

shining necklace 32
Translation: pleasant adventures

finishing work 26
Dream description: obstacles to more parts

lighthouse flashing light 90
Meaning: repressed feelings

fountain with gushing 52
Translation of the dream: abundance and health

smashing windows 7
Interpretation: illness in family

smashing furniture 81
Sense of the dream: sense of incomprehension

smashing objects 52
What does it mean: abrupt disappointment

wheat threshing 15
Meaning of the dream: affections safe

whitewashing walls 39
Description: good relationships with young people

brandishing a spear 73
Interpretation of the dream: attention to missteps

washerwoman washing 44
Translation: discovery of a lost item

washing glasses 25
Dream description: forebodings fallacious

washing windows 74
Meaning: Danger averted

finishing (particularity of a job) 18
Translation of the dream: patience

see flashing 4
Interpretation: honors

washing machine 48
Sense of the dream: indiscretion many descendants

light that shines 8
What does it mean: good wishes

shoeshine 45
Meaning of the dream: business to be put in the hands of human law

threshing barn 6
Description: making important

paranza (fishing boat) 38
Interpretation of the dream: danger of separation

fishing boat in harbor 19
Translation: end of a concern

fishing boat at sea 3
Dream description: advantageous purchases

fishing boat with fishermen 88
Meaning: interesting relationships

fishing boat with fish 40
Translation of the dream: Speculation guessed

Mediterranean fish fishing empty 17
Interpretation: danger of separation

fishing boat sinking 79
Sense of the dream: contrasts to overcome

fishing boat in the storm 39
What does it mean: unexpected help

fish with the fishing boat 81
Meaning of the dream: economic benefits

fishing in the river 44
Description: moments of depression

furnishings 18
Interpretation of the dream: wealth, fortune

see someone fishing 44
Translation: you will be betrayed

rays of sunshine 2
Dream description: Protection and work

slashing with razor 83
Meaning: Negative thoughts

container washing 68
Translation of the dream: impulsive actions

washing up dishes 16
Interpretation: self confidence

washing up pots 15
Sense of the dream: intentions not serious

washing up glasses 80
What does it mean: cost-effective solution

refreshing wine 48
Meaning of the dream: inconstancy in bonds

pilchard fishing 52
Description: new initiatives

splashing water 7
Interpretation of the dream: luck in business

splashing beer 78
Translation: money refund

splashing mud 18
Dream description: difficult journey

smashing injuries 18
Meaning: overstraining

unleashing dogs 24
Translation of the dream: fear and fighting

unleashing agents 15
Interpretation: windfall profits

shining sun 40
Sense of the dream: delight

gushing spring 45
What does it mean: happy coexistence

brushing carpets 65
Meaning of the dream: innovative efforts

pushing a cart 10
Description: inner serenity

furnishings school 80
Interpretation of the dream: support and encouragement

antique furnishings 6
Translation: major purchases

modern furnishings 63
Dream description: new ideas

shine 49
Meaning: joy for the hostess

star that shines in the room 44
Translation of the dream: danger of death for the head of the family

cashing money orders 52
Interpretation: aggressive impulsivity

sailing Fishing 84
Sense of the dream: energy and confidence

fishing clams 32
What does it mean: practical help and unexpected