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Tasty. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tasty. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tasty 59
Meaning of the dream: nerves to control

tasty cheese 90
Description: deserved awards

eaten tasty 14
Interpretation of the dream: serene relations

tasty watermelon 48
Translation: actions thin

tasty drink 80
Dream description: open-minded

after work 36
Meaning: Requests for protection

sweet taste 15
Translation of the dream: trouble passing

hamster recovered after the escape 10
Interpretation: you are recovering some situation that was out of control

say goodbye after a visit 73
Sense of the dream: poor understanding

lose lung after being wounded 3
What does it mean: home loss imminent danger want to be disappointed

taste 26
Meaning of the dream: proposals misleading

after dinner 56
Description: expect some surprises

Licking dog 7
Interpretation of the dream: favors from man

afterschool 4
Translation: you sweat even to get what you want

postwar period 42
Dream description: missed connections

delicious 35
Meaning: right judgment

change for the better 60
Translation of the dream: optimism

pear dessert 55
Interpretation: new events

good with deposit 78
Sense of the dream: fair play

good man 39
What does it mean: Revenge of jealousy

good heart 35
Meaning of the dream: high aspirations

savor with pleasure 43
Description: new job opportunities

work willingly 24
Interpretation of the dream: happy solutions

find a money order 35
Translation: shyness exaggerated

wear glasses 22
Dream description: missed opportunity

wake up early 1
Meaning: realization

obey willingly 16
Translation of the dream: new projects

running after a boy 33
Interpretation: pride

good dancer 53
Sense of the dream: ideas to be implemented

good neighbor 25
What does it mean: disappointments

flavor 12
Meaning of the dream: excessive intolerance

good father 25
Description: passing enthusiasm

speak well 40
Interpretation of the dream: bad habits

good digestion 6
Translation: adaptation to circumstances

succumbing after a tough fight 21
Dream description: what is essential to do everything

good management 3
Meaning: good news

wear a uniform 2
Translation of the dream: unwarranted fear

dressing well 56
Interpretation: desire for power

disgusting taste 89
Sense of the dream: encouraging results

sour taste 77
What does it mean: good trip

pleasant taste 30
Meaning of the dream: strong jealousy

salty taste 10
Description: interesting relationships

bitter taste 40
Interpretation of the dream: unwillingness

drinks taste 20
Translation: neglect harmful

taste coffee 35
Dream description: modest aspirations

taste liquors 79
Meaning: novelty little happy

spicy taste 45
Translation of the dream: melancholy and depression

flavored vinegar 45
Interpretation: inner conflicts

seasoning salt 8
Sense of the dream: uncertain future

nurse who looks after 5
What does it mean: emotional satisfaction

well paid job 17
Meaning of the dream: sorrows

taste dishes 67
Description: happy news

savor greedily 87
Interpretation of the dream: need for affection and security

flavored legume 44
Translation: lack of self-confidence