Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Tame birds. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: tame birds

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tame birds 40
Meaning of the dream: pains

tame 24
Dream Interpretation: hopes

tame mice 13
Meanings of dreams: misery

tame beasts 22
Dream Interpretations: next visit

tame monkeys 78
What does this mean: lost confidence

tame parrots 37
What does it mean: gossip of neighbors

tame dogs 12
Meaning of the dream: marital fidelity

tame a fire 24
Dream Interpretation: stubbornness which leads to errors

tame a colt 56
Meanings of dreams: health and vigor

tame donkeys 45

tame a tiger 18

tame hay 17

tame wild beasts 39
Meaning of the dream: coherence between thought and action

It might take birds 14
Dream Interpretation: gain

birds 36
Meanings of dreams: Negative thoughts

take birds 34
Dream Interpretations: inner dissatisfaction

Watering birds 36
What does this mean: falsehood

blind birds 12
What does it mean: unwelcome news

tree with birds 16
Meaning of the dream: failure of projects

breeding birds 14
Dream Interpretation: expenses advantageous

teach birds 40
Meanings of dreams: pains secrets

kill birds 63
Dream Interpretations: Hypersensitivity

roasting birds 36
What does this mean: gossip of neighbors

forest with birds 90
What does it mean: Safety of a choice

accosted by birds 88
Meaning of the dream: you honor and glory

barn together with other birds 28
Dream Interpretation: loss of wealth

song of birds 19
Meanings of dreams: perfect agreement sentimental

tail of birds 64
Dream Interpretations: afflictions of love

den of birds 35
What does this mean: dissatisfaction

cage with birds 23
What does it mean: danger of leakage

embalming birds 3
Meaning of the dream: windfall gains

nest with birds 36
Dream Interpretation: some important proposals

feeding birds 2
Meanings of dreams: agreements unnecessary

marsh birds 59
Dream Interpretations: serious disagreements

passage of birds 89
What does this mean: ties secrets

peel birds 56
What does it mean: fear of novelty

It might take to snare birds 5
Meaning of the dream: cunning, envy and even joy

feet of birds 70
Dream Interpretation: good friends

amount of birds 38
Meanings of dreams: strong desire for freedom

roundup of birds 36
Dream Interpretations: voltage in the working environment

network for birds 84
What does this mean: false mirages

flush out birds 10
What does it mean: financial woes

plucking birds 45
Meaning of the dream: embarrassing moments

spit with birds 39
Dream Interpretation: serious enmities

gutting birds 36
Meanings of dreams: nagging thoughts

pull the birds 80
Dream Interpretations: pitfalls

birds in flight 37
What does this mean: great success

birds singing 21
What does it mean: profitable deal

birds hopping 31
Meaning of the dream: realization

caged birds 7
Dream Interpretation: hidden enemies

birds in the network 59
Meanings of dreams: skill and cunning

birds that migrate 55
Dream Interpretations: dangerous trip

domesticated birds 30
What does this mean: spiritual elevation

birds of prey 87
What does it mean: deception foiled

night birds 17
Meaning of the dream: loss

stuffed birds 33
Dream Interpretation: unlucky in love

injured birds 28
Meanings of dreams: concern for the family

dead birds 6
Dream Interpretations: moral suffering

Shoot the Birds 50
What does this mean: fanaticism exaggerated

aviary with birds 74
What does it mean: excess of frankness