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Tall green shoes. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream tall green shoes. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tall woman 36
Meaning of the dream: dangerous trip

tall man 21
Description: excessive ambitions

tree tall stem 15
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasm exaggerated

green 8
Translation: vitality

green tree 49
Dream description: enthusiasms durable

plateau green 40
Meaning: positive experiences

green campaign 80
Translation of the dream: clear thoughts

wax green 76
Interpretation: prodigality eccentric

green color 33
Sense of the dream: hopes attractive

green figs 49
What does it mean: situation that will clarify

green leaf 67
Meaning of the dream: joys family

green wheat 64
Description: remarkable progress

green wood 49
Interpretation of the dream: premature decision

green lemon 12
Translation: fear and jealousy

green leaves 40
Dream description: healthcare

oleander green 49
Meaning: enthusiasm of long duration

green olives 29
Translation of the dream: good health

green elm 49
Interpretation: enthusiasms durable

green parrot 75
Sense of the dream: artificial attitudes

green pasture 81
What does it mean: safe returns

green peppers 65
Meaning of the dream: appropriate measures

apple green 85
Description: important trip

prairie Green 49
Interpretation of the dream: profitable activity

green apples 2
Translation: prosperity, happy omen

green radish 8
Dream description: new hope

green lizard 81
Meaning: proof of love

green branch 3
Translation of the dream: advantageous changes

green sauce 22
Interpretation: fluke

green hedge 60
Sense of the dream: Meeting pleasant

green light 23
What does it mean: success

a green lawn 76
Meaning of the dream: invitation welcome

green fabric 63
Description: exciting projects

a green dress 71
Interpretation of the dream: laborious negotiations

green plant 84
Translation: deserved recognition

green curtain 57
Dream description: secret project

green carpet 66
Meaning: romantic relationships serene

green flag 17

green hat 9

green chestnuts 8

green beans 27

gallon green 5

green skirt 67

green ink 80

green eyes 34

green cane 7

green garbanzo 2

green muslin 6

heap green leaves 74
Interpretation: attention to the evil enemies

apples and unripe green 80
Sense of the dream: dispute, seduction

eating a green apple 20
What does it mean: sorrows, troubles

character of green printing 18

bunch of green beans 90

shoes 5
Interpretation of the dream: difficult projects

new shoes 53
Translation: entry money

old shoes 9
Dream description: melancholy and depression

letters written in green ink 27
Meaning: you ll get a very worthwhile visit or business

buckle your shoes 50
Translation of the dream: narrow escape

tie your shoes 70
Interpretation: improvised relatives

enlarge shoes 34
Sense of the dream: excessive dynamism

assortment of shoes 54
What does it mean: your schedule is far too long, take some time off

Embroidered Shoes 54
Meaning of the dream: discord to talk

wear shoes 5
Description: security in the affections

change shoes 26
Interpretation of the dream: need for decision

alligator shoes 27
Translation: slow progress

trade shoes 68
Dream description: unjustified suspicions

consume shoes 68
Meaning: physical endurance

sewing shoes 90
Translation of the dream: tolerance

buckle shoes 5
Interpretation: teen Spirit

muddy shoes 7
Sense of the dream: worries and troubles

polish shoes 26
What does it mean: travel project

wipe shoes 57
Meaning of the dream: aggressive behavior

repair shoes 15
Description: quiet life

break through the shoes 44
Interpretation of the dream: ill health

Men's shoes 4
Translation: important protections

women's shoes 77
Dream description: disagree with brothers

baby shoes 44
Meaning: social elevation

high shoes 67
Translation of the dream: Sudden movement

flat shoes 50
Interpretation: trouble for writings

broken shoes 11
Sense of the dream: lack of initiative

wide shoes 26
What does it mean: Peaceful Life

tight shoes 64
Meaning of the dream: progress difficult

white shoes 6
Description: exciting novelty

colored shoes 70
Interpretation of the dream: request money

black shoes 81
Translation: profitable activities

mountain shoes 31
Dream description: wish granted